Zoo in goshen ct

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She said some do. Monday, March 14, Commerford Zoo: Bob Commerford testified before a Connecticut state legislative committee in opposition to proposed bill , which sought to eliminate the mistreatment of captive elephants by banning the use of bullhooks, electric prods, and chains. The USDA cited Commerford for failure to correct a previously identified noncompliance of not having readily identifiable employees present while animals were on public display. If you don't know me beyond the blog post, my son is 5. A 3-year-old girl was also injured after falling off the elephant and hitting her head on the ground. How the hell did I get the twisted idea in my head that that would have been a good way to spend an afternoon?

Zoo in goshen ct

Commerford was cited for using a year-old attendant to handle the camel and failure to have an attendant present in the petting zoo during periods of public contact. I told her I was pretty sure that I'd just left one that did. And speaking of the elephants The USDA cited Commerford for failure to maintain enclosures, failure to have an attendant present in the petting zoo, and failure to provide veterinary care to an ill goat. Share this story with anyone that you know is passionate about defending animals against this kind of cruelty. These elephants and the camel walked clockwise around this space the entire day, with groups of people piling on top of them. What I am going to describe is the same story I saw time and time again on the internet when we got home and started googling to see if it really was as bad as what we saw. One man sustained a chest injury and the other a broken arm. I asked her what I could do to make peace in my heart, because I was such a wreck with guilt, shame, and sadness. DH met back up with us with the tickets he'd purchased. Nonsensically Rambled by Angela at. The kids were begging to do more carnival rides, and we were as nicely as possible telling them we couldn't because we were out of tickets. She's raised awareness in me about animal rights issues that I, like most other people, would likely never realize even existed had it not been for her. The man slapped the hand of a 5 year old who was just trying to fasten his seat belt. If you feel any passion about this whatsoever, or if you know someone else who will feel passion about this at all, spread these links! The USDA cited Commerford for failure to maintain enclosures with broken, cracked, and jagged wood and plastic, for poor housekeeping, and for inadequate pest control. In addition to the intimidation and fear of pain that these elephants are subjected to, and the long days of doing nothing but walking in circles with people climbing on and off them, they have nothing more than these tiny little buckets set off to the side, I guess to drink from. We both just looked at each other, knowing the kids would freak if we didn't use them, so we turned back around, went back to that side room, and let them take one more turn on whatever they wanted to do. They had a long line going to ride on these elephants or on a camel. An elephant from R. The goats came right over. The inspector also noted that the program of veterinary care was outdated. I turned it on and just sat there. They went on this inflatable slide thing and I breathed a sigh of relief at the notion of us being able to leave. For me, all I wanted was for them to forget the day even happened, and the best way to do that would be to NOT freak out in front of them. He and DD decided to ride on one together, and as fidgety as my little guy is, as soon as he got on this big fire truck with a bell, he tried to buckle himself in with the rope that they have for a seat belt. I was raised by an animal rights activist and vegan.

Zoo in goshen ct

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  1. I knew that it would be an unnatural setting for animals, but like an idiot, I thought it couldn't possibly be that bad. Or is that just its stripes?

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