Wine guy pickerington ohio

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The selection of wine is really good as they put more of an emphasis on value over selection, meaning you may be hard pressed to find a good cab sav for 10 bucks but can find one for 20 that should sell for The food was totally overpriced for the quality of what we received. As the wine flights go they are some of the best you'll find in Columbus. The wait staff is quite knowledgable and if they don't know something they won't bullshit you, they'll just go find someone who does know. While I was at a cabin with some girlfriends before our wedding this summer, my now husband claimed to have had the best steak of his life when he and his parents went to The Wine Guy together. Our bills were not split right and the waiter was indifferent.

Wine guy pickerington ohio

Excellent food and service. The price on the 4 glass flights are quite reasonable especially considering you are getting quite a bit of wine for your dollar. If they could just get their food together this place would be perfect. Once the bill was finally correct, he gave a half-assed apology, " Sorry about tonight " while laughing and shrugging his shoulders. Our server was very attentive and helpful. I really like the atmosphere as well. We feel lucky Columbus has such a great place to celebrate our special occasions. I would tell you to do a wine flight and then pick the one you like best to get a bottle of. The scallops are like a flavor bomb in your mouth - it's a dish that has cajun dusted FRESH scallops the freshest scallops I have had , combined with lettuces, blue cheese, candied walnuts and a plum sauce. To start on a positive note, the atmosphere in the wine guy is always nice, Our server was great, and the wine was good. The white was put in the blast chiller for "10 or 12 minutes". The selection of wine is really good as they put more of an emphasis on value over selection, meaning you may be hard pressed to find a good cab sav for 10 bucks but can find one for 20 that should sell for It was New Years Eve, so maybe the regular chef and manager weren't there, but still no excuse for how bad the food was. I've had better salads, but again it wasn't bad. The bar in the center is a great place to hang out and talk wine with the wait staff if you can get a seat at there. Other than the food, we ha a great time. We had to flag him down again to get our checks and it took him four tries to figure out the bill. We were told the bartender would be over to open the wine for us. The food was good and I liked my wine though I'm no expert in wine tasting. I don't know what changed in the kitchen or if it was just an off night but they were 0 for 4 in satisfaction from our table. Was yummy but the hubby was disappointed with the serving size of beer. Not only was the food just ok, the service was terrible! We waited forever for any service while all of the staff were entertaining personal conversations. The salad needed some pepper, which we had to ask for. But I'm not sure we'll be back. The knock on this place is from a vegetarian perspective, because there is not a lot of options for the vegetarian crowd.

Wine guy pickerington ohio

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