What is ddlg

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While we generally refer to the relationship as DDLG, there are other variations: Other acronyms of CGL relationships include: Typically, the little will complete it, but, if your dom wants to help, let him! DDLG should allow you to continue with your life. Your choices are vast and nearly infinite.

What is ddlg

While we generally refer to the relationship as DDLG, there are other variations: Like any relationship, you will grow together. We are in the best position to educate the crowd or anyone who search for our community from media outrage, false information etc. Whether you keep it separate from your other kinks or not is totally up to you. Is there any difference? Basic DDLG discipline and rules have been discussed. This is only one aspect of your life, and you share it with the person you trust the most. Can we still have other kinks? If you wish to contribute anonymously to our DDLG blog, just send us an email ddlgcontact gmail. Go live your life, your own way. DDLG should allow you to continue with your life. The key idea is that there is an adult dominant and a child-like submissive. This will keep the relationship fresh and trusting. Let your role emerge slowly. Anything to bring awareness to the general public. Live well, communicate your needs. We take guest posts, rants, stories. There are other creeds and power exchange lifestyles. With so many options, the only limits are the ones you decide to set. This is another matter of preference. Maybe you like different postures — in different places, have different kinks. Jumping directly into them without getting used to rules can confuse both of you. Be supportive of any action that lets her little personality shine. The thing about relationships is, no one couple has experience compared to the next couple. We would love to hear how you define your relationship!

What is ddlg

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