What does wetbacks mean

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Macias, who crossed illegally into the U. The program was originally conceived in the early s, during World War II , to combat a wartime dearth of agricultural labourers due to military service and a shift by native agricultural workers to better-paying manufacturing jobs. United States immigration law-enforcement campaign Written By: The plan met with resistance from some legislators as well as from agricultural and farming groups that lobbied Congress. Its name was derived from wetback, the offensive term for the multitude of Mexican immigrants who traversed the Rio Grande to illegally cross the border between Mexico and the United States. He conceded that the term used to be more common, but doesn't think it used to be any less offensive.

What does wetbacks mean

Therefore, many employers in the agricultural industries still needed the work of immigrants in order to adequately meet demands and compete in the marketplace. What does it mean? Its name was derived from wetback, the offensive term for the multitude of Mexican immigrants who traversed the Rio Grande to illegally cross the border between Mexico and the United States. Would I vote the same on wetbacks as a guy from Arizona? The role of the Bracero Program In , the U. Conclusion The INS reported that some 1. Taken together, these reinforce white supremacy on a large structural level. The emergence and implementation of Operation Wetback In , Attorney General Brownell forwarded the initiative that would eventually become known as Operation Wetback. Brown people are exploited physically and economically, effectively designated as mere instruments meant to serve white systems of domination in order to sustain white privilege. Financed through taxpayer labour subsidies, the plan lasted until But he says it has a different meaning coming from an Anglo. As a result of the ease with which illegal immigrants could be hired without the burden of the immigration bureaucracy , only a small portion were issued valid worker certificates from to Ultimately, Congress failed to pass legislation authorizing punishment for those who hired illegal workers, but it did allocate increased funding for the Border Patrol. Although Operation Wetback temporarily mollified an angry citizenry, the Bracero Program remained in place for another decade, allowing for the continued influx of legal Mexican immigrants. Amin David, a Latino rights activist from Orange County, remembers when Latinos could joke with one another about the term — "One of the jokes that we used to say was that if we crossed the Rio Grande we wouldn't even get our backs wet because there was no water," he recalled. In , the New York Times ran a story under the headline: The initiative focused on two primary objectives: You had wetbacks from California that came in here for Sen. They want to rewrite history. And it was all bought and paid for. The problems with the administration of the Bracero Program almost immediately led to a growing influx of undocumented workers in the United States and to a widespread public outcry over the depressive effect on wages for U. But when Latinos use mojado — which literally means "wet" but is also used to describe illegal immigrants in the United States — it's different. In alone, some , persons were seized by the U. He spoke of "50 to 60 wetbacks" who picked tomatoes at his father's farm in California. Even though most contract employers did not pay enough for many of the documented Mexican workers to make a decent living, other undocumented Mexican labourers were still drawn by the promise of employment.

What does wetbacks mean

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