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Olive is difficult to pair as it seeks peace-loving individuals, and is happiest in the hands of a pacifist. Harry Potter and Voldemort's wands Lord Voldemort's wand Harry Potter's wand was made of holly, with a phoenix feather core. This can be deduced from the peeling sign outside of Ollivanders which reads "Ollivanders: Wand Flexibility A wand's flexibility typically reflects the personality of the wielder and has little to do with the sort of wand wood used. Once per scene, a dogwood wand can upgrade any successfully cast non-Harmful spell by one success level. Paired with a dragon heartstring core, the individual's loyalty is known to be fierce and admirable. Troll Whisker 10 Cookies Troll whisker wands often have difficulty with advanced magic. All wand cores provide certain benefits, and most have some kind of drawback as well.


Phoenix feather wands resist users that they are not allied to. Violetta Beauvais from New Orleans , on her part, made wands that always made of swamp mayhaw wood that contained hair of the rougarou , the dangerous dog-headed monster that prowled Louisiana swamps. Owners also tend to have powerful intuition, and an affinity with the magic of the natural world. Study of the lore After magical education, a person seeking to become a wandmaker must become the apprentice of a skilled wandmaker. Yet others maintained that Gregorovitch was even more skillful than his British counterpart. Cherry 50 Held in high esteem in Japan, this is a rare wood with a reputation for strange potency. And like those fields, it was further comprehended as time went on. Mr Ollivander opts to only use phoenix feathers , unicorn hairs , and dragon heartstrings , which may be the most powerful and best of magical cores, as Ollivander's wands have been praised by many witches and wizards from around the world. Also, hornbeam absorbs its owner's code of honor, refusing to perform any act that goes against their principles. Another accomplished soul in the craft of wandlore were Johannes Jonker , the son of non-magical parents who learned the art of working with wood from his father, who had been was an accomplished cabinet maker. However, they are useless for healing magic. Like a copper wire conducts electricity, the core must be able to carry the magic along the length of the wand. They require a resilient partner who can snatch advantage from catastrophe and make the right choices. In the hands of a timid individual, these wands can be dangerous. It requires an ingenious, clever owner with a taste for excitement and fun. Magical cores Wands contain magical cores , possibly magically inserted once the wand has been carved. Although much sought-after, it is difficult to please and tricky to handle. This phenomenon most often occurs with hazel wands, which often bond so strongly with their true masters that after their owners' death those wands lose all magic in this way. Puffskein tongue wands have no benefit or drawback. Found equally in the hands of heroes as well as villains, yew wands are often misunderstood. It is representative of his half-giant blood, and Dolores Umbridge 's wand is particularly short, as she was described. Kneazle Whisker Though inferior to the Supreme Cores, kneazle whiskers still manage to persist as wand cores, probably due to the ease and low cost of obtaining the whiskers from kneazle breeders. Ideal matches are unusual and occasionally notorious. Mahogany — A beautiful and desirable wood, known for being fairly powerful, yet pliant, and excellent in transfiguration spells. There were Shikoba Wolfe , a witch of Choctaw descent who were particularly well known for her intricately carved wands containing Thunderbird tail feathers, which were reputed to be extremely powerful, though difficult to master.


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