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The Profit Points need to have a value, not something that can be changed and not known. The prices that you are purchasing at are what you would normally expect as well so you will not shop at inflated prices or anything like that. This same pool will be used for the second way of making money on here too. But how much will those 8 profit points valued at? Harrison is one of a select few Trunited PaceSetters, early adopters to the concept of Socialized Commerce , who are now being rewarded for their efforts with the first of potentially many checks to come from Trunited.


This is one of the best ways to build an asset that will really return to you for years to come if you can work at it and build it! This same pool will be used for the second way of making money on here too. The prices that you are purchasing at are what you would normally expect as well so you will not shop at inflated prices or anything like that. This is guided by the commerce engine behind it all, a pay structure called the Pay Plan You will be surrounded by like minded people along with industry experts as well as my personal help so you can have any questions answered quickly. Trunited Review Trunited is an online shopping network that provides you the opportunity to make money for just shopping at their recommended online retailers. There are different statuses you can earn in this plan which gets complicated and you can read all the details in their Pay Plan guide here. Harrison and others like her act as Trunited Affiliates, driving traffic to the brands on the platform by connecting family and friends to the Trunited Network. February 25, by Aaron and Shara Leave a Comment Probably, one of the most talked about companies right now is Trunited. I always reply to my readers! Making Money with Global Brands As a member of Trunited, you are also given the chance to shop at most stores you are already shopping at online and earn cash back in the process. Is it really Free to Be a Member of Trunited? As you expand your initial 15 member team, you will reach other statuses like Influencer, Partner, Icon, and Legend in the system like this: Dr Nico decided to create a program after all that was done, which was not designed like a usual direct sales company. You get this just from something that is free to join. You can see that video right here below if you have not seen it yet. Not everyone will see those results, but Trunited assures that by following the guidelines of the Trunited system, it is possible to create an income that impacts their life. Many people are skeptical about Trunited as it is free to join. If you join this affiliate program, your goal is to recruit as many people as possible if you want to make any consistent monthly with it. Harrison, who was never previously interested in direct sales opportunities, has found Socialized Commerce to be an entirely different venture. It has many of you wondering if this is a too good to be true scam or something that can really make you some actual money like they promise. No, Trunited is not a scam and what they are doing is legitimate however, I really dislike their Profit Point system. Nicholas Porter who was a dentist who manages Risas Dental and Braces prior to stepping into direct sales. Yes, companies have the right to change rates even if they are published but they are usually not changed from month to month. The gist of it is to have at least 3 direct recruits who will also recruit two direct recruits each, and each of those 2nd level recruits will recruit one each. In exchange, the connected brands agree to compensate Affiliates by providing a percentage of the money made from each purchase back to the Network. You can go as deep as 15 levels and infinitely wide on any level so everyone can have as many direct recruits as they want.


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  1. You will want to refer lots of people in order to make a lot of money in this system as in any MLM you join that has this recruiting component into it.

  2. You are given the opportunity to make money along with the shopping network, simply for letting others join and shop on the Trunited website.

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