Tight feeling in vagina

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But ladies, you need to know about what is normal and what is not with your vagina. This is often the first sign. Experiencing discomfort during a sexual experience at young age can lead to vaginal muscles developing a closing reaction as a protective mechanism. If you have just decided to have sex and have gone straight for intercourse, not only are you an inconsiderate and possibly bad lover, but you are thinking that just because you are turned on, she will be too. Engage in plenty of foreplay as this will allow her to relax and become more turned on naturally, and if possible, bring her to orgasm at least once. There should be no rush with sex. However, research has shown that almost all women can benefit from additional lubrication. The more sex you have, the easier intercourse will become.

Tight feeling in vagina

Some women may experience the feeling that their vaginas are completely closed, while others complain that theirs are uncontrollably loose. These changes include her monthly menstrual cycles and then the loss of those cycles as she reaches menopause. However, if your wife or gf is having pain during intercourse and even putting a finger inside of her is too much, then she may be suffering from a condition called Vulvadynia which is burning, itching or pain around the vulva. This dryness can cause a feeling of vaginal tightness during intercourse. Both of these are treatable by speaking to your Gynaecologist. But ladies, you need to know about what is normal and what is not with your vagina. The tightness of the vagina is different depending on each person. We are like ovens, we need time to warm up before you can do anything with us! How can I tell if my vagina is too tight? Some stress conditions, tiredness and depression can lead to a vaginal closing reaction. She should be well lubricated naturally and with a water based lubricant to allow for ease of penetration. Try massages etc to get her as chilled out as possible. Pregnancy Pregnancy can lead to many changes in a woman's vagina. After ovulation, hormones drop again, and the vagina may feel less flexible and drier, leading to a perception of tightness. It is very common for a woman to experience changes to her vagina following a vaginal birth. The vagina changes to prepare for the birth of the baby and as a result of an enlarged uterus, which puts extra pressure on the vagina. Normally, it is OK to feel a bit discomfort when you first have intercourse. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the official stance of The Jakarta Post. As the cycle progress, she moves closer towards ovulation and hormone levels rise. During menopause, estrogen levels drop and vaginal tissue thins. This often has largely psychological causes rather than physical ones. However, for more prolonged and serious conditions, it is highly recommended that you set an appointment with a professional gynecologist for proper consulting. This will allow her muscles to relax and be open to sexual intercourse. You'll feel the vagina's muscles contracting around your finger, and you can always take your fingers out if you're not comfortable. This exercise can be repeated many times in a day.

Tight feeling in vagina

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  1. Painful sexual encounters also have various causes, ranging from infections, abnormal physical conditions to side effects of some medications. As such, women experiencing the problem should consult a profession gynecologist.

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