The other women characters

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By By Oliver Gettell Apr 28, Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton. More than once, all three women, especially poor Upton, are caught looking like they don't know what they're doing. Carly describes her relationship with Kate as "the weirdest friendship ever. Step away from the vehicle, because "The Other Woman" is out of control and intent on running down a certain kind of male.

The other women characters

More than once, all three women, especially poor Upton, are caught looking like they don't know what they're doing. Box office top 10 of That would seem to be welcome news to anyone bothered by the underrepresentation of women and their stories in Hollywood movies. While it's quite unfair of the audience to laugh before finding this out, the film doesn't treat it this way. And then there are three. Amber Upton registers high on the hot scale, but she's sweet, willing and soon enlisted. But there are allusions that the ideas Mark converts into moneymakers are hers, not his. Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton. As Kate, the actress is far less tightly wound than usual and fearless in sacrificing any sense of decorum for a laugh. Club gave the film grade C-, saying "All of a sudden, a spotted Great Dane squats in the middle of a Manhattan apartment and out plop several gleaming, glistening CGI turds. Passing the three-point test requires that a movie include at least two named female characters, that they have a conversation with each other at some point, and that their conversation isn't about a male character. Somewhere along the way, "The Other Woman" forgets how to have fun with a bad romance. Carly and Kate are very distinct Blue Oni and Red Oni- one being highly independent and the other emotional and dependent. He even admits he's had more mistresses before this. Thanks to him turning out to commit international fraud in his wife's name he deserves it. Mark constantly cheats to the point that trailing him our heroines stumble across him starting a fourth relationship, and he's always flirting with pretty girls, with every possibility that he indulges in one-night-stands too. Note that Carly, Kate and Amber - who unlike Lydia all have a legitimate grievance with Mark - are visibly shocked and shaken at Mark injuring himself; they've dosed him with things that cause his hair to come out, swell up his nipples female-style and make him Amber would be the Nice as the clueless but bubbly one of the trio, Carly would be the Mean as the most sardonic and most cynical of the group, and Kate would be the In-Between. It's one of those cases where a Hollywood movie inadvertently summarizes itself in a single shot. Actually, it's closer to a dozen revenge fantasies, going back to earlier wish-fulfillers such as "The First Wives Club," "Thelma and Louise" and "Nine to Five. The unsuspecting begin suspecting, which soon leads to teaming and scheming. Stack, is essentially a revenge fantasy for any female with unresolved issues over a duplicitous relationship. Is Kate ditsy or brainy? Being this kind of bad guy is no easy task for Coster-Waldau. Despite the film's girl-power pretense, the three women fully devote their lives to this man. The entire film is dedicated to ruining the life of Mark for cheating on his wife and lovers, yet other characters such as Carly's father and Lydia are revealed to have been blatant repetitive cheaters themselves and join the bandwagon for punishing Mark. Many analysts felt that a smart marketing campaign by distributor Fox helped the opening weekend box office by pushing the film's over-the-top comic premise and its proven cast, especially Diaz and Mann.

The other women characters

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  1. The hair gel scene in "There's Something About Mary," the off-key karaoke in "My Best Friend's Wedding" head a long list of unforgettable moments that relied on Diaz's talent for making her characters seem guileless.

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