Taekwondo sucks

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They are on every corner. Shouldn't all the nessasary components already be there? That my friend is an attitude that can get you in big trouble Peace favor your sword,. The feeling of many is that this leaves the TKD exponent in a position of weak balance that can easily be taken advantage of by even unskilled opponents. If you did not block email, I would have sent this directly to you. It is widely held that, in order to learn to use Techniques and Strategy "on the fly" or under stress, one must put them to the test in the most realistic practice engagements possible.

Taekwondo sucks

Why doesn't he open his tool box and find another tool? Among these are an extremely fast promotion rate to "Black Belt" often within two years it should be noted that most other arts typically require years to "Black Belt" , numerous seemingly endless Gup ranks sub-black belt ranks - Kyu in Jap. But even at the time I knew that as a comprehensive fighting art, Tae Kwon Do sucks, and this fight shows why. In the 's and 's I knew several Tae-Kwon-do students that were bad news. Third degree black and higher were even more rare. Thus, it is not really possible to classify training for a specific art in anything other than broad generalization. So, put all this together and I'm sure you can see why TKD takes so much bashing. The only answer is he simply never trains with other techniques. In this way, I feel the modern approach to martial arts training, which includes cross-training in various styles is the solution to stagnant, ineffective fighting styles. These schools are typically marked by certain characteristics. Perhaps the most difficult of the three to determine in specifics about any given art, Strategy describes the overall concept of how the set of techniques of an art are applied to combat or physical confrontations. I originally wrote and posted it on the usenet forum rec. When attempting to compare one art with others in any meaningful way, I find it best to work along the lines of Philosophy, Strategy, and Techniques. It provided a strong foundation for further training and many life-long friendships. The interest was due to the popularity of kung-fu movies at the time. In other words, it's basically a school scamming its students for money and making them believe it's teaching them how to effectively fight, yet, there is little legal recourse if this is true. The unfortunate truth is that we can't do anything about the publics perception about what martial art is a good one and which is not. It is widely held that, in order to learn to use Techniques and Strategy "on the fly" or under stress, one must put them to the test in the most realistic practice engagements possible. Some arts have the simplest of all Strategies, which is 'the best defense is a good offense', or stated another way, 'do as much damage as possible and keep doing damage until the opponent is no longer a threat'. To reach 3rd dan would be at least 3 more years. What we can do is be sure that when people see us they know that they are seeing a superior martial artist. Boy could they flash-kick. They are on every corner. An equal number were given big rank promotions just before coming to the U. Peace favor your sword,. TKD is not alone in this.

Taekwondo sucks

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  1. Scott You obviously have never fought anyone that really knows any of the martial arts you put down.

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