Songs about infidelity

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The girl gets a taste of the heartache she's been dishing out when her new man cheats on her. Marriah's character bolts out of the door, jumps into her car, and spends the night elsewhere. He says he needs time to explore who he is without her—that is, with this new lady in his life. She wants to send her lover away for the night because she is lonely. It's a big sign that something is wrong. He answers the call, even though his girlfriend is in the other room and tells her how she makes it hard for him to be faithful. In disbelief that he'd hear about the betrayal from others, he's confronting her about the rumors.

Songs about infidelity

However, she taunts him that if his girl only knew that he was dissin' her, she'd curse him out, turn off her phone, and leave him alone. She meets up with a guy she knew in school, also telling him lies about how they will soon be together forever. She knows she's not acting sane, but she wants to trade in her steady man. Patterns often repeat themselves in people's lives. Everybody knows that this is untrue. You've got a lot going for you! Although infidelity can occur in happy marriages, let's face it: Now she regrets her dalliances, realizing that she is the real loser: Go away Why can't I just have it both ways? While the other woman gets all the man's attention, she gets stale leftovers—a cold shoulder and words made of knives. In disbelief that he'd hear about the betrayal from others, he's confronting her about the rumors. I will give you all of me Just leave your lover, leave him for me. Kelly gets extremely specific that if the man in this song doesn't stop who he's doin', there will be some major repercussions in his life. They've been through a lot together but don't have the same quality of relationship they used to enjoy. She is about to leave him for another man. Girl, you can do better! He Crossed the Wrong Girl Wow. It's hard to believe a lover is not mad about infidelity with multiple partners. The couple in this song has trouble living together as well as apart, and she compares their love to a freaking knife. After one of them describes the love of his life, the details ring all too familiar to the other man: Revenge and public embarrassment can be brutal. He warns wayward fellas not to kid themselves, not to put their woman off or make excuses because a woman can fool around just like a man can: Keep it on the down low Nobody has to know. Aaliyah tells him straight-up, "But it's dumb to put up with you; I won't be no fool. He'd catch a grenade for her, jump in front of a train for her, throw his hand in front of a blade for her, take a bullet for her

Songs about infidelity

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  1. He also cheats on her. They also tend to be less religious, have increased opportunities to meet others, and have a higher number of previous sexual partners.

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