Secrets to catching catfish

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SPAM is full of oils that attract fish. Chunk soap into 1-inch pieces and thread onto your hook. Both treble hooks and circle hooks work great with bubble gum. WD is often used on fishing equipment to prevent rust. I recommend sticking to Bubbalicious or another juicy-flavored bubble gum.

Secrets to catching catfish

Thread onto your hook. View our gallery on this subject: Are you a man or a woman? Fries have a broad appeal so beware of pan fish that will also pick at the bait. You can drop punctured dog food cans near your fishing spot before you throw out your line, or even sink cans the day before to attract fish to the area. Bait it with a inch bait fish. SPAM is full of oils that attract fish. The best chum dog food varieties are those with gravy. Spray dough balls with WD or add a squirt to raw chicken or hot dogs. But some alcohol can serve as just the right additive to attract them. Many bar soaps have additives and other chemicals that actually deter catfish from going after it. I recommend sticking to Bubbalicious or another juicy-flavored bubble gum. Preparation H can be added to almost any bait. You can flash freeze it in gallon-sized bags to keep it for your next fishing trip. Puncture holes with an ice pick and the seeping gravy will call catfish like a dinner bell. Both treble hooks and circle hooks work great with bubble gum. Both products are still used by anglers who swear these bait additives attract fish, and they have the catch to prove it. There are plenty of blue, channel and flathead catfish that would enjoy it. Hook them right behidn the dorsal fin Bury the point of the hook near the end. Certain strong smells like smoke, perfume and other human smells can drive away catfish. Spoiled shrimp is a delightful choice in the underwater buffet. Another successful soap is a Mexican bar soap called Zote. Beyond its ability to attract large catfish, bubble gum is preferred by the anglers who use it because it firmly stays on the hook. Why let the bait manufacturers have all the fun concocting surefire stinkbaits for whiskerfish? You're about to discover: Run your hook from the head of the shrimp out through the tail leaving the tip exposed.

Secrets to catching catfish

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