Read hunger games 2 online free

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But instead I sit, as motionless as the rock beneath me, while the dawn begins to lighten the woods. Gale holds her at an icy distance. Spewing profanity, he slashes the air a few moments before coming to his senses. There are parts of this story we'll never get to see because it is told from Katniss' point of view. Learning she is on her way to District 13, and Johanna and Peeta were taken away by the Capitol, she attempts to attack Haymitch for not fulfilling his promise of returning Peeta home safely. Despite the fact that she is suffering major PTSD, she agrees to take on the stress of being the symbol of revolution and take a front line role to bring him back. The group subsequently witnesses a large flooding, killing an unknown tribute in one section on the other side of the jungle. Every year in school, as part of our training, my class had to tour the mines.

Read hunger games 2 online free

However, Haymitch's house, despite the care taken by the grounds-keeper, exudes an air of abandonment and neglect. My stylist and friend, Cinna, who designed the gorgeous outfits that first made the audience take notice of me in the Hunger Games. So no matter who Haymitch is, I owe him, too. The houses inhabited by my family and Peeta give off a warm glow of life. This causes a massive blackout in the dome, and the arena to shut down. I twist the polished brass knob and step inside. Finnick approaches and Katniss draws her bow, no longer knowing who she can trust, but hesitates to shoot. Nine stand empty, as they always have. I've already stowed my bow and arrows in a hollow log in the woods. I've read people's reviews taking issue with how Katniss and Peeta are represented at the end of Mockingjay, asking "Where's the passion? Everyone follows the man's example until a Peacekeeper shoots the man dead, leaving Katniss angry, afraid, and upset. My muscles are clenched tight against the cold. I'm in serious trouble. If I should drop dead right now, they would have to return to it. It's still the best day of the week, but it's not like it used to be before, when we could tell each other anything. A shiver goes through me when I think of the proximity of my mother and sister to this man who despises me. Greasy Sae knows we're not related, but even some of the people who have known us for years seem to have forgotten. He jumps up, kicking his chair ten feet behind him and wielding a knife. This story is really about the global economy , and passive, consumption-driven U. When they asked about my friends, everyone directed them to Gale. Peeta was the walking, living, breathing reminder of the trauma endured. Really, listen to the lecture. Never really throwing his weight around, usually good for a joke. Peeta's fight back from his memory hijacking would be an intriguing read. But as I walk toward the door of the study, a door I have never even seen closed until this moment, I can feel my mind begin to race. One of their entourage explains to them that there are puke closets, so that everyone can keep eating for the whole night, and our two characters suddenly step back from the party and remember their families and neighbors, who are starving while the capital lives in decadence. During their individual evaluations, Peeta creates a drawing of a deceased Rue covered in flowers on the floor; an emotion-stricken Katniss creates a puppet in the likeness of Seneca Crane, and suspends it by its neck on the ceiling, as a a warning to a stunned Heavensbee.

Read hunger games 2 online free

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