Pontiac g6 speakers replacement

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Connect the new speakers to the wires by sliding the quick slide connectors over the terminals of the speaker. General Motors had only produced Street Edition models. GTs added an eight-speaker Monsoon stereo, premium cloth seats with six-way adjustment, remote start, ABS and traction control. Some models of the Grand Am featured the "Monsoon" sound system, an upgraded factory stereo. When the clips are out, remove the trim panel that they were holding in place by grasping it and pulling it away from the rear deck panel.

Pontiac g6 speakers replacement

Subsequent to this model's introduction, General Motors entered bankruptcy, and announced that the G6 sedan would be discontinued in The clips will have round plastic "buttons" on the front of them. General Motors had only produced Street Edition models. Both trims, however, used a 3. The winners interviewed learned that although they did "get a car" from Winfrey during the broadcast, in actuality they had to go to the Pontiac dealership in their area to pick up the G6 because the vehicles that were shown outside the studio's parking lot were used as a promotion. Most other Pontiac models had been discontinued, but the G6 was in high-demand for fleet vehicle orders, facilitating production to continue while the brand was wound down. Yearly United States sales[ edit ] Calendar Year. SAE ratings also dropped the horsepower ratings on the 2. GTs added an eight-speaker Monsoon stereo, premium cloth seats with six-way adjustment, remote start, ABS and traction control. Release the plastic clips holding the speakers in place and pull the speakers out toward you. To install the quick slide connectors, strip the ends of the wire, slide the connector onto the bare wire and crimp the connector tightly onto the wire. Test the speakers to be sure you're hearing sound through them, and then reassemble the interior. Changes consisted of a revised front and rear fascia as well as a revision of the dashboard, most notably adding an updated radio with Bluetooth capability. Pull the rear deck panel toward you and slide it out of the car. Coupes and convertibles ceased production at the end of the model year, making examples with the A rear wing reminiscent of sports option package on the race car is fitted at the back, underneath the proper racing rear wing. Midway through the model year the six-speed manual was dropped with the 3. The new base model used a horsepower, 2. From the backseat of the car, pry out four retaining clips on the front edge of the rear deck trim. Weight saving features include carbon fiber body panels, shatter-resistant polycarbonate windows. The GTP also featured standard electronic stability control. The G6 saw more engine changes, and standard side torso and side curtain airbags actually introduced late in the model year were new. Matched to a four-speed automatic transmission , the GT featured TAPshift, where the driver could select the gears manually. The package came with heated seats, remote start, Monsoon sound system with eight speakers followed with a six-disc CD changer, moon roof, six speed tap shift and GXP badging with chrome grills. In , the G6 added two new trim levels and two new bodystyles, a coupe and a retractable hard top convertible. Some models of the Grand Am featured the "Monsoon" sound system, an upgraded factory stereo.

Pontiac g6 speakers replacement

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  1. This is just like removing the original speakers only done in reverse. The new base model used a horsepower, 2.

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