Old folsom ice skating

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Listen to everyone else! I came with a large family group to partake in ice skating as a way to have some fun and have a few laughs. I was so excited to go to the folsom ice rink because it looked so much nicer than downtown Sacramento. Also, side note, you are not allowed to carry anything in your hands while on the ice. Customer Service is bad. I have spent years on the ice. A 4 year olds first time who of course needed it. So Parents, make sure you don't get caught using you cell phone on the rink.

Old folsom ice skating

I would probably come back - but only if there's not a lot of people in the rink. Wouldn't even let me take a single picture. The area is very quaint and looks very Christmas-y because of all the lights in the historic part of Folsom. I for one have skated as a youngster on park lawns that were frozen to make rinks and I can say it helped me NOT fear uneven ice If you want to take a picture you have to get off the ice! I loved watching the kids skate around to the upbeat music. The music is mostly uptempo Christian Christmas songs but it's all in neat family fun. You already pay a lot to rent skates that have broken shoe laces and smell bad!!! I swear they didn't even bother to smooth the ice before the session. The one-Way donut shape is great for keeping skaters from moving all over the ice and often times cutting off those learning.. Nice rink, but the customer service is horrible. Again, it's small so I can see it getting really crowded. They have these really cool skate assistants that help kids learn how to balance wish they had those when I was a kid.. I would say this establishment is very organized. So for my two cents.. I don't care if its accidental you should help them up. Sorry excuse for an ice skating rink. I was expecting it to be crowded for the holiday but there were only about other people on the rink, and not everyone was skating at the same time. The skate rentals are painful and tend to hurt your feet and ankles. It's a lake on the rink. Skatetown will get our business next time. And if they did then the ice must be really shitty seeing as how no tricks or jumps are allowed in the rink. Also, the rink is covered in water puddles so all 3 of my kids are soaked. I got there maybe 15 minutes after the start of the 6 o'clock session and the ice was torn to shreds! I was so excited to go to the folsom ice rink because it looked so much nicer than downtown Sacramento. The workers were knocking down kids and not helping them up.

Old folsom ice skating

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