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Wengler'll be a little late. Translate, paying attention to the gerund. Booth shrugs and gives up, continuing to pretend to be a dinosaur with Christine. Well, that's what we all think about him, anyway. Billy lifted it [the script] and started to read it, standing by the refrigerator, while she fried his eggs and bacon. Way in the beginning of last month. Translate the sentences making all necessary additions.


In a corner were some golf clubs, a walking stick, an umbrella, and two miniature rifles. He just moved into a bigger house and went on writing away fifteen to the dozen. It made about a finger. I don't wanna go out there. Eloise got up from the window seat and felt in the dark for her shoes. I should have phoned ahead. He would not set the Thames on fire. Without getting up, she called in to Grace, "You better not serve until eight, Grace. Define the meaning of the underlined articles and translate the sentences. I want to get married. He looks around, drops his fork, and brings his arms close to his body. Translate the following, paying attention to the meanings of the verb to MAKE. We spent about twenty minutes looking for it in the wuddayacallit--the snow and stuff. Selena's father made them or something. How are things with you? He walked on, and became conscious that he had passed a face he knew. I love your dress. And bring the bottle. Mr Simmonds saw me out at the front door and gave me a pleading unhappy look. Trying to prove I wasn't what I am. Ever hear of him? Queen Ann is dead. The baby, Carl, was the only reality of her life. You solve one thing and go on to the next. During the fourteen years that I have been at Llanabba there have been six sport days and two concerts She's got her car parked right in front of me and she can't find the key. I dun know what he looks like.


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