Movies like the island

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This is one of those movies where the suspense never lets up. Fight Club revolves around brawls, sex, and tons of confusing drama. Intrigued, they begin experimenting with it, only to be caught in a frantic loop where they start questioning themselves. Shutter Island is one of those movies that keeps you guessing until the end and leaves you with no definite answer but enough clues to figure it out for yourself. Before she can do any of that, she is forced to flee, as a fanatic assassin is on to her. Can such a man be trusted? If not for anything else, watch The Machinist to see his near-starving physique he built specifically for this movie. Memento, The Prestige, Insomnia — nearly all his movies are subtle and intelligent, trusting viewers to understand the main storyline by putting all the pieces together by themselves.

Movies like the island

Directed by David Fincher, The Game is a breathtaking journey from the beginning to the last few minutes. The idea must be planted deep enough in the victim's brain so that he starts to believe that he thought of it himself. Donnie, a troubled teenage boy, finds himself vested with all the powers to get the job done. With mediocre production values and a very low budget, this is the best you can expect. The Prestige will agitate you, but you will love it. The idea behind The Others is not original by any means. Dark City Dark city takes place in a city where sun never shines for some reason. He keeps finding post-it notes with secret messages written all over it. No twenty minutes wasted on setting up the plot. What happened to him in Vietnam? Directed by Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan portrays the story of a young ballerina who struggles to cope with the pressure of performing well. Its ambiguous and controversial ending is still a hot topic of discussion on a lot of movie forums. Yes, it's way too complicated for someone who likes to have his hand held throughout the whole movie. Seconds later, we see Jacob in New York. The woman seated across him seems to think he is her boyfriend, but he has no idea who she is or how he got here. Requiem for a dream Have you ever wondered what drugs can do to you? She delves so deeply into the role that she starts losing her grip on reality. For those who haven't watched this masterpiece yet, I'll try to summarize a convoluted plot in few words. You will have to hang on for the solution. To his horror, he finds out that someone else is controlling the whole city and experimenting on its citizens by altering their realities frequently. The main characters ask a question from viewers right at the end, which can only be answered if you have watched the whole thing very carefully. The deeper they venture, the more they risk never waking up again. In fact, I have seen a lot of people scratching their heads after watching it. It all seems so random until the last few minutes when everything finally starts falling into place. He too things to extreme just for embodying his character. They dedicate their whole existence entirely to their craft.

Movies like the island

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  1. Props to him for being able to do a challenging role like this with authority.. The twisted ending is surely going to get you.

  2. But if you have no issues watching movies like Donnie Darko, you should go ahead with this movie. What is real and what is not?

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