Monicals washington illinois

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Choose from Cheese, Sausage or Pepperoni. Available in 8" Individual, 14" Medium or 16" Large. The purpose of the conferences is to discuss the educational progress of your child. We will be adding images to this gallery as. Includes up to three toppings.

Monicals washington illinois

Individual Portion - Served with one 3 oz. Take one home on your next visit or, add one on to your next Carry Out or Delivery Order! Mozzarella Calzone Baked to a golden brown and served with a side of Marinara. Available in 9" Thin Crust. Includes up to three toppings. Brittani Dalton, escored by Carter. Monical's sauce and cheese get you started then add your favorite toppings! Add Mozzarella for an additional charge. Individual Entree - May substitute Caesar Dressing with one 5 oz. Seasoned with a hint of Garlic and served with Marinara. This item contains nuts. Items and prices may vary by location Softdough Breadsticks Our oven-fresh, Softdough Breadsticks are an irresistible hometown favorite. Parents can come in at any time; the elementary classes have a. Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on Tuesday, Oct. Make it a Supreme! October The book fair is back again this fall, and is taking place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, October in the school cafeteria. Brittani Dalton, escored by Carter Davenport. Program consists of the formal induction of Hall of Famers, recognition of classes ending in 3. We start with our unique triangle crust, sweeter sauce and cheese, just add 3 of your favorite toppings! Alfredo Sauce may be substituted. Available in 8" Individual, 10" Medium, 14" Large. Tatum Auth, escorted by Luke Brewer. CUSD 5 Mission Statement Engage and educate to create respectful communities of learners and leaders who are successful in college, careers and life. Served with one Softdough Breadstick. Program consists of the formal induction of. Mozzarella Sticks Mozzarella dipped in a golden Parmesan and Romano breading and then baked.

Monicals washington illinois

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