Max mclean sinners in the hands of an angry god

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As I slept I dreamed a dream," so begins Bunyan's beautiful and moving allegory of Christian, the Pilgrim, on his perilous journey to the Celestial City. The Dance If the sermon is being read in class, resume reading for a while and then play the clip again, this time showing the dance. Most of us are familiar with metaphor as a figure of speech that describes by using words that equate two dissimilar things. Alternatively, if the text is being read outside of class, the clip can be played before or after the sermon has been read. Here is one example relating to rhythm: Teachers may want to ask students to make a list of the primal fears referred to in the sermon. The painting is not the same thing as the person being painted, but the picture adds to our understanding of the person by the way that line, color, and texture are formed and interact. Demonstrate, with or without music, the movements in the dance that show falling, pleading, fleeing, fear, and despair, or other concepts from the sermon. Finish this part of the lesson with a discussion of the metaphorical nature of the dance performance.

Max mclean sinners in the hands of an angry god

However, the image of Juliet's beauty is enhanced when Shakespeare equates her with the radiance of the Sun in its first appearance of the day; the impression of the sea is stronger and more mysterious when Homer states that it is "wine-dark. How is a painting of a landscape or a portrait a metaphor? Strong responses will refer to melody, rhythm, pacing, or inflection. One or both of the questions set out below might be helpful in this discussion. How would you describe those differences? Click here for the lyrics to the song as sung by Billy Porter. Watch the dance again and analyze the movement of the dancers. After the class listens to the song, discuss how the imagery of the lyrics, the rhythm, the melody, and the intonation of the singer's voice describe some of the concepts of the sermon. Whitefield is considered one of the greatest evangelists of all time whose fervent message helped transform America during the Great Awakening. If you cry to God to pity you, he will be so far from pitying you in your doleful Case, or shewing you the least Regard or Favour, God hath had it on his Heart to shew to Angels and Men, both how excellent his Love is, and also how terrible his Wrath is. If students are reading the sermon outside of class, show students the dance after the discussion of the song as metaphor. Augustine-as he himself tells it in the Confessions-is the most significant conversion story in Christian history. Follow the first showing of the dance with a discussion about how the movement of the dancer's bodies enhances the concepts from the Sermon and the song. At one point, the three dancers, no longer supported by God's grace, fall sequentially into the fires of Hell. Teachers may want to provide information on primal fears, for example the information in the Helpful Background Section , above. A good discussion will include the following: To complete this discussion it might be appropriate for teachers to play the clip again or even several times so that students have a chance to thoroughly analyze all aspects of the song. The Metaphorical Basis of Artistic Expression In its broadest sense, the term "metaphor" means a method of description in which an object, activity, or idea is equated with something that is fundamentally dissimilar. How did the movement of the dancers' bodies, things that are dissimilar to the concepts expressed in the sermon, enhance your understanding of [appreciation for] Mr. The Song To help students concentrate on the aural experience of listening to the song, consider telling them to shut their eyes while they listen. These amplify Edwards' description of the concept that sinners cannot evade the power of an angry God and ultimately, when God's supporting power is withdrawn, sinners will fall to Hell and into the fiery embrace of the Devil. At an appropriate point in the lesson, teachers can discuss with students the meaning of metaphor in its broader sense, see, for example, the information contained in The Metaphorical Basis of Artistic Expression , above. It appears in every anthology of American literature and stands alone as the only sermon included. Alternatively, if the text is being read outside of class, the clip can be played before or after the sermon has been read. The comparison of the sermon, the song, and the dance demonstrates that all artistic expression can be seen as metaphor, using dissimilar objects or activities to enhance the description of the subject of the work. Strong responses will refer to the fact that only extraordinary heat will melt rocks [cause the sea to boil]; only God or natural forces in his control and not under the control of mankind could make the rock melt [the sea to boil]; melting rock [boiling sea] are hostile to life and will kill the sinner.

Max mclean sinners in the hands of an angry god

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