Lubricant for stretching ears

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A normal piercing hole is 1. In fact, ear stretching is really simple and low-tech. Caring for a freshly stretched ear should be similar to the process you'd use for an initial piercing. One thing you need to know before going into this is that ear stretching results in lots of dead skin cells amassing. These lubricants often have key essential oils or other ingredients that can help speed along the healing process. The flare on the plug or tunnel refers to a raised lip that prevents the plug or tunnel from sliding through the piercing. Keep it clean using a gentle non-scented soap such as Dr. Do this once or twice a day.

Lubricant for stretching ears

You will also need to make sure you have single flare plugs. Stretching Sizes Just how wide the ears are stretched is a matter of personal choice and preference. We've created a gauge chart to show the sizes and how they relate to one another that can be found below. Social Acceptability We might come to a day when ear gauging is considered ordinary and widely accepted. Take a hot shower or massage the ear lobe. In fact, ear stretching is really simple and low-tech. Not only could that lead to tearing and other complications including infections , it can also prevent your earlobe from closing back up if you ever want it to in the future. Once you've arrived at your desired size and are fully healed, you can enjoy a whole new world of beautiful jewelry! Use a glycerin-based soap with no harsh additives. Bondage tape yes, that kind of bondage is another popular choice for ear stretching. While ear stretching is becoming more mainstream, most people still only do relatively moderate stretching, often up to 10 G, which is equal to 2. Those who practice ear gauging generally only stretch an ear that has already been pierced and healed completely. Most people tend to start stretching up to 2mm, so start with a taper that is 1. Ear Scalpelling Ear scalpelling is another shortcut to stretched ears. If the pain persists, consult your piercer or see a doctor. Ear Stretching Risks and Considerations Before you start stretching your ears, there are a few things that are important to keep in mind. The actual process of stretching is relatively straightforward. Lubricant Lubricating the taper will make gauging the ear a lot easier. During the healing process continue to wear your non-porous single-flared jewelry and avoid organics. This is where you slowly wrap small layers of Teflon, PTFE or bondage tape around your jewelry to gradually increase the diameter over a longer period of time. If you ever have questions about stretching, consult your local piercer. There are three types of taper that you can choose from: If you want to avoid buying one of these commercial lubricants, you can always use a safe and simple alternative like coconut oil. But it IS different for everyone. Insert the taper carefully and start gently pushing it through.

Lubricant for stretching ears

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  1. What the tape does is allow you to take a high gauge plug and add just a bit of width to it by wrapping the tape around it.

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