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They also secured written statements from the employee, the two patrons and the business owner. Read more Local We are a local business. Read more Reliable Reliable services are the cornerstone of the U. Read more Excellent Excellence is doing the right things, the right way. Paitsel and Deputy C. Read more Consistent Inconsistent excellence is no excellence at all.


Read more Consistent Inconsistent excellence is no excellence at all. Tired of your service not showing up? Two patrons were allegedly sitting at the bar as the shot was fired. We do it because it matters to many of our clients and we are here to serve. Officers were also told the suspect appeared to be a female wearing a gray sweater to cover her face. You may get way with using a less-than-legal service but if something goes wrong, you will be sorry. Read more Thorough You can't be thorough without paying attention to detail. Our serice is customizable with only a few limitations. The employee was in the game room during the robbery and reported hiding behind the door. The surveillance video indicated the silver Nissan Armada likely arrived coming from Princeton and left heading toward Athens. No squabbling, no defending, no guilt. While the human centric aspect of all maid services dictate a certain level of variability, there is no excuse for inconsistency. Local maid service is not only about geography, it is also about attitude, priorities, and reputation. Our service gives more than you pay for, and you get more than we provide. You'll be surprised by the difference thoroughness makes. Maid service is no different. After all, we are really selling something priceless: We clean the things most cleaning companies miss. Other companies can't or won't do this. They were informed by an employee that someone had fired a shot into the window and entered, pointing a gun. Read more Trained Almost every job in the world requires training. Lester responded to Athens Rd. Our maids receive 5 full days of formal, structured classroom and on-the-job training when they are hired. Rose, Senior Deputy G. We know what it means to be local. The officers viewed surveillance video of the robbery, and the exterior of the building.


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  1. Upon their arrival, officers reported seeing shattered glass from the door broken and lying on the ground in front of the door frame. The employee was in the game room during the robbery and reported hiding behind the door.

  2. Other companies can't or won't do this. She then allegedly laid on the floor beside the bar.

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