Is it a rebound relationship or real thing

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You find yourself thinking about your relationship instead of getting bitter about your previous one. You may still not be completely over your previous lover, but at least you have genuine feelings blooming inside. That means that instead of letting the relationship take its natural course, he pushes it forward, moving faster than he normally would and escalating the relationship more quickly. Not figuring out your relationship dynamics leaves you vulnerable to making the same mistakes over and over. I'm famously indecisive and love to write about love, marriage, and making the world a better place for healthy and sparkling relationships! If you find yourself dating a rebounder ask yourself these questions:

Is it a rebound relationship or real thing

But of course, there are some aspects to be considered. If these three signs come your way, welcome real love with open arms! Just a heads up: You know that it would be better to hang out with people who truly love you, do things that regenerate you physically and emotionally, and participate in helping others. In some instances, you may also have genuine feelings but are still unaware that what you have is just a rebound. These have included, but are not limited to: If he is out for a one night stand every time he contacts you—it is only a rebound. Those are the rational ways to heal more quickly. Heads up; that is probably true, a very obvious rebound relationship sign. This is a huge sign to look for — it gives you a ton of information about whether your ex is in a rebound relationship or not. Your ex is overcompensating for the pain of your breakup by deciding to date the exact opposite of you. Counter-intuitively, it actually means the opposite. He or she may be in it for real and yet, there you are—getting hot and cold depending on your mood. Be on the lookout for narcissists who bound from relationship to relationship in an attempt to fill the void of the previous relationship. Are you ready to be vulnerable with another person at the risk of being hurt? And honestly, it may not matter all that much. Sadly, many do not. Can you see a future here, or are you just getting by? Here are some other clues the relationship is a rebound: The steps may differ, but the goal is just the same: But then again, you have to investigate on your own. Most of the time, they want revenge or they simply want to let the whole world know that he or she can have anyone, right when the need arises. Experiment with new interests. The last consideration is this one: The immediate need for connection and support will be met. He may not be and that indicates he is trying to just get over the other woman.

Is it a rebound relationship or real thing

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