Intuniv side effects in children autism

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My son is 12 and was on Prozac for about 3 years. With the guidance of… read more edited, originally posted almost 6 years ago sign up to view previous answers 1 of 30 A MyAutismTeam Member said: Ben, 34, has autism, but for years he was misdiagnosed with other conditions. And when he came home, without the rigid routine of a live-in facility, he eventually started attacking his brother. According to a study, more than 80 percent of children with autism at a psychiatric healthcare center also had ADHD , 61 percent had at least two anxiety disorders, and 56 percent had major depression. Psychiatric problems are common in children with autism. Over the next year, school got progressively worse. In some ways, it had the opposite effect. His chicken-scratch handwriting became legible.

Intuniv side effects in children autism

When he was 12, a school assessment found that he had sensory processing issues and dysgraphia — difficulty with handwriting — but not autism. His doctor tried him on risperidone, then soon added added guanfacine and Adderall. That was the end of all the experiments. Clear rules will be a long time coming, if they arrive at all. My 7 year old has just started with the aggressive meltdowns. Then, working one drug at a time, they gradually lower the dosages. As a pre-teen, Ben had many struggles typical of a child with autism: Food and Drug Administration has approved only two drugs for children and adolescents with autism: The stimulant made it difficult for him to fall asleep at night. In order to keep both boys safe, she knew she had to help him get his anger under control. Instead, drugs merely treat some of the peripheral features — ADHD, irritability, anxiety, aggression, self-injury — that make life challenging for people with autism. When his moods swung toward anger, he would lash out and try to hurt his older brother, who also has autism. Phoenix was one of those children. His previous nurse practitioner tried him on Abilify and Klonidine with negative results and I just took him off Imipramene sp? Now 15, he has taken more than a dozen different medications. His doctor tried one antidepressant after another; nothing worked. The incident shook his family, and ended with another hospital admittance and new combinations of medications. She set it to restrict overnight internet access — and suddenly Phoenix was staying awake through school again. Each of them confronted different challenges and had to figure his own way through, because prescribing is still very much an art, not a science. The reason for this confusion: My son is 11 and his nurse practitioner wants to try him on Intuniv. We tried a few SSRI's and noticed it made things worse. But because the underlying cause is different, the biochemistry may be different overall — and also highly variable from person to person. This practice that can put people on a drug cocktail that may not be effective or appropriate. The last thing she wanted to do was to tweak his finely tuned regimen.

Intuniv side effects in children autism

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