How to retwist your own dreads

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Each method works for different hair types and when talking to a loctition they can advise you on what method would work best for your hair. Meaning keep your edges neat in between washes. I always wanted to loc my hair, but I like to change my hair often. The more you know and understand the more informed your decision will be. It will take trail and error to find what your hair needs. When you apply the oil matters just as much as what you use. It is kind of unavoidable.

How to retwist your own dreads

Some go through it for two months and others may go through it for six months. What product should I use to twist me hair? We left the conditioner in for less than five minutes and my locs still felt very soft. How do I start my locs? Some people have horrible budding stage. The needs may also change with the season. The one thing you want to avoid at all cost is beeswax. Meaning keep your edges neat in between washes. I usually leave my conditioner on longer than that. This is something that people will agree and not agree with. That are a plethora of products used for maintaining locs. When you apply the oil matters just as much as what you use. You will love it in the long run, especially when you get to look back at old pictures from the beginning. It is kind of unavoidable. Locs can be very misunderstood. Also keep in mind everyone has a different journey. No you cannot touch my hair. This is something you have to decide for yourself. It rinses clean without residue and it has a pleasant scent. In the past, I would let my hair dry and then apply the oil, thinking that it would maintain shine longer. I personally started my locs with the two-strand twist. Without a nourishing hydration treatment for our locs, the results can be undesirable dryness, dullness, and stiffness. The trick is to let your hair absorb a bit of mist and steam without letting it get damp. Yes it is possible to take out locs, but that is something I most definitely will not recommend. There are different ways to start and ultimately maintain your locs. Especially to those who may want to start the process but are unsure.

How to retwist your own dreads

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