How to fix a hickey

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Hide with proper clothing: Apply mint-based toothpaste on the hickey. Purchase a vitamin k liquid or cream from a local chemist. Use a stiff brush to brush the teeth and love bite vigorously, but not too much, to avoid ending up with abrasions and inflammation of the skin. Although, it can disappear within a week but for obvious reasons most individuals look for ways to get rid of a hickey. The Pen Cap or Coin Scraping method The method will not get rid of the Hickey entirely but make it look like a scrape mark that will make it less suspicious.

How to fix a hickey

It will help minimizes the mark. Aloe Vera contains Vitamin K, and it should only be rubbed and massage two to three times a day on the affected area, but it can help heal bruises, including a hickey kiss, very quickly. By just taking aspirin before bed, you could, possibly, get rid of a hickey overnight. Hide with proper clothing: Apply mint-based toothpaste on the hickey. If you do not have one, you possibly can make use of scarves around your neck. Hickeys can be minor annoyances or life-changing discoveries. With the massive amount of treatments and home remedies, it can be hard to know which methods are the most effective. Well, Banana Peel is useful in many conditions and out of all those, getting rid of the hickey is the most useful one. Apply the cream several times a day for faster results. As banana is a natural fruit which is available in every corner of the world, so, using it to get rid of hickey might be a great option. Apply peppermint oil in the affected area. This method breaks the clot and makes it easy for the body to reabsorb the blood 7. Get some ice and wrap it in a towel. Only apply the compress in minute intervals, and never put ice on the skin without a barrier, as this could cause a burn. Whatever the reason, a Hickies can be cleared up quickly and efficiently by following any of these methods. If darker, then the concealer could be undoubtedly seen. Long sleeved t-shirts can also be used to hide the marks. And if all fails, then the best thing to do is wait it out and let it heal on its own. All Questions Answered article. Ice will freeze the blood vessels and prevent blood from rushing to the swelling and minimize the mark. Find answers in What is Hickey: Medication Medication can also be a useful option, and it might not even take a trip to the physician. Some people consider this to be the quickest way to get rid of Hickies. Once the tingling feeling subsides, wash the area with warm water.

How to fix a hickey

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