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My father, who was an hereditary elder, would often blow the bilah to gather the people together for a ceremony or to discuss a matter of importance. The Falashas are in fact the tip of the iceberg. This is only a few of the many comparisons that he found out that existed among just ONE of the tribes that we in the west are descendant from. Dietary laws were practiced; certain animals were "unclean" and could not be eaten. PAGE 23, It was indeed surprising how many Hebrewisms, either real or at least apparent, were to be found among the unIslamised tribes. Since he wasn't exactly sure which child was Yahshua he thought that in the process of killing them all he might have killed the messiah. In addition, Jewish, Arab and Christian accounts cite the existence of Jewish rulers of certain tribal groups and clans identifying themselves as Jewish scattered throughout Mauritania, Senegal, the Western Sudan, Nigeria, and Ghana.


And many of the tribes that practice this culture, all say the same thing. Wherefore they have such multitude of Images of their Idol gods which they take to be subordnate deities to the supreme god. For we had our circumcision a rite I believe, peculiar to that people we had also our sacrifices and burnt-offerings, our washing and purifications, on the same occasions as they had". In all this we are certainly remainded of Hebrew customs. Unlike the Christian missionaries of the past, however, the Islamicists know better. The names of old Jewish communities south of the Atlas mountains, many of which existed well into Renaissance times, can be found in documents in synagogue archives in Cairo. In the book of Revelation chapter So also is the head dress with gold disc in front. A Hebraic reconstructionist, or just Hebrew, Neo-Hebrew, Hebrewist, or Eberite for short, is someone who believes in the one true Elohim of the Hebrews, the reconstruction of the ancient Hebraic religion, and in the Torah, Nevi'im, Ketuvim, also known as the Tanakh. He gives detailed description of the Hebrew customs in many of the west African tribes. If your former belief caused you to break the Tanakh, you would repent of your sins against it. It was under this relatively benevolent rule that Sephardic Judaism developed. Many scholars have always known about the biblical Hebrew culture found all over Africa. All males are circumcised -- as I was -- on the 8th day. These groups, however, are relatively small and virtually unknown in America. But because of prejudice and racism, this infomation still remains hidden. Some of you who read this for the first time, are coming into information that you have never heard before. If the slaves were not already Israelites how did they have knowledge of these songs and biblcal themes. This presence goes back not just centuries, but even to biblical times. When we were first brought to the America's the slave master didn't find it fit to teach us christianity. Moreover, the writings of several modern West African historians and two personal anecdotes indicate that the memories of an influential Jewish historical past in West Africa continue to survive. For those would would like to see such remnants preserved, here is yet another reason to stand up for the brave people of South Sudan". We have been taught that the slaves were speaking broken English, so they would pronounce MASSA instead of master because of their dialect. Hebrewism of Africa And it shall come to pass in that day, that Yah shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people which shall be left from Assyria, and from Egypt and from Pathros upper and lower Egypt and from Cush Ethiopia and from Hamath, and from , the islands of the sea. It does so if males are circumcised at age of 1 or earlier. But he only taught them from the New Testament just as many christians continue to do today.


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