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NicoleW09 The point here is that they are both using each other. So this is for anyone who may come upon this thread now or in the future looking for information. I was just a little shocked that some thought it was so wrong being from a country where it is acceptable for cousins to marry. This situation is very hard and don't know what to do first And sweetpea, this is not meant as an attack on you love. The adoption may have seemed like the right thing to do at the time, and maybe it was given the way things turned out, but still a day does not go by that I dont think about her and her father. Mainly due to diet. The other countries, especially ones that have a larger population of inbreeding, have much higher rates of birth defects.


They also lived alot longer than we are now. Only in America would a child be ridiculed for being the off spring of two cousins. To clean your registry using CCleaner, please perform the following tasks: A paternity test is crucial here, but if he is naive enough to take her word for it so be it. Step 1 Access http: We do learn from the past and we move forward with that knowledge. In addition to gdfgdfg, this program can detect and remove the latest variants of other malware. We've learned that it is better to be more genetically diverse. Cain in the bible married his sister. All I can do is pray for everyone involved. Removing gdfgdfg from your Computer To get rid of gdfgdfg from your computer, perform the following steps: This is one of the mistakes with such a lesson for each and every one, including me, that before we do something let's always think twice, more than twice, even if you're a devoted Christian or nOt! I'm sorry if you do. Scientific studies are only found to be true when they can be replicated, and they have been in multiple trials when looking at birth defects and problems related to consanguineous couples. Honestly, you would get most of the blame due to her age. I think the age of consent in most states is If you look at genetics and evolution, all species want thriving offspring and will look for a mate who has genetics that we ourselves lack in order to have healthier, more productive offspring. What kind of life you could have if you're having a big mistake that hasn't been fixed?!!! She also wanted to press charges against my cousin, and he ended up getting arrested by the police and was originally charged with statutory rape, although it was plea bargianed down to indecent acts with a juvenile or somesuch, he still had to serve some jail time. Face it and ask for forgiveness and then slowly move on from the mistake a move on for you life: Then I just went to high school the next year and tried not to think about it for a few years, until my older cousin committed suicide when I was a senior. That's a fact that is well-documented. I'm sure your family would be horrified if they found out what the two of you have done. To me, science really doesn't mean all that much. I don't know if the US has a lower birth defect rate from genetic disorders, but there are many articles showing that the risk for birth defects from related parents is greater than that of non-related parents. If there is a higher chance for birth defects from consanguineous couples, then they really should avoid having children together.


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