Flirty texts for your husband

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Quickly wink at your hubby when you are outside and pout your lips at him. Thanks for being patient with me. I find it best to start with something like: Sitting here wishing I could kiss you right now. Write your 3 sentence love story, and send it to them. I just got a huge wave of love for you. He will get a sultry wakeup call and will come straight to you to steal a real kiss. Send him meaningless messages by making up your own words Stupidity used in the right way, can be a lot of fun. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Flirty texts for your husband

If you have a spouse that travels a lot for work, or you work different shifts and hardly see each other, this post is definitely for you! Send them a prayer in an audio message. Your broad shoulders are so manly You have the cutest butt There is something mysteriously sexy about your hands Your jaw line is ruggedly sexy The shape of your back is like that of a Greek god's There is something magical about your chest, I like leaning on it 8 Make your husband pick your underwear, and you can pick his Stop your husband dead in his tracks when you both are getting ready in the morning. Still laughing about what you said last night. Source 1 Take a selfie and email it to him in the middle of the day Take a selfie from your iPhone and email it to him at a random time during the day. Say naughty things and remind him that you miss him every second of the day. I just got a huge wave of love for you. Or worse try to sell you things: I suggest you do the same. Flirting in marriage is all about bringing out the teenage girl in you, who was forgotten ever since the responsibility of kids, work, school runs, cooking and mortgage payments took over your life. Practice such a five second move to perfection and pull it off when he least expects it. StumbleUpon Sample loving texts to make your spouse smile, including thinking of you texts, sappy texts, intimate texts, apology texts and humorous texts. Let's talk about the specific things you can do or the lines you can say to flirt with him. When you get home, I want to give you a massage. Lips play an important role in a woman's body and you can use this weapon to subtly grab your man's attention when you are in public. Thanks for always believing in me. The photo is usually captioned with a cute message like 'I Miss You' and their partners are tagged in the post or tweet. It will give him a lot to think about during the day. I think a well-placed GIF can give even the most mundane text some pizzazz. Contact Author How to flirt with your husband? During our first year of marriage, my job required me to wake up at 2: Thinking about you and its making me smile. Put on red lip color and plant a luscious kiss on the mirror to leave a perfect impression of your lips. His daily texts gave me the motivation to keep on going, to stay confident, to know that I am loved, and to be thankful. On the weekends, when Jeremy was away working on a photo shoot or filming a wedding, I would return the favor. All you need to do is stop any sentence halfway, pause for a second and complete it with just a flirty wink.

Flirty texts for your husband

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  1. If you want the list of our favorite GIFS, just type your email right down there and the GIF compilation will appear in your inbox like magic! Filling out our 14 love letter prompts was VERY helpful at the beginning of the month my lame texts problem started after that was over.

  2. Well, it can take them to the next level. Post a photo on social media telling people why you love your spouse send them a screenshot.

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