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He retains this identity until he is well into his sixties, when finally his true identity is proclaimed. Fitz is the White Prophet's Catalyst. Less than a year previous to Fitz's birth, Chivalry went to the Mountain Kingdom to negotiate a series of treaties. He is still active as spymaster and councillor to the Farseer royals at the end of the series. Yet it did not seem like gratitude, and as she prolonged the kiss, I think the Fool would have broken away if he could. Breathlessly, he replied, 'Your pain. As Fitz fears to return to his painful past life, he refuses the offer. But the Fool leaves.


Fitz's Apprenticeship For many years, Chade had no apprentice; however, when Chivalry's illegitimate son Fitz, but called 'boy' by Chade was brought to Buckkeep and taken under the protection of the King, Chade was ordered to train the boy to succeed him as Royal Assassin. He refuses to believe the part of his mind which insists he is dying, and attempts to plan and survive. After a time, Bee and a procession from Buckkeep including Kettricken and the Fool appear and help him survive long enough to carve his dragon - a wolf, identical to Nighteyes. However, in order to create the dragon, he was forced to sacrifice himself, and becomes the dragon. The Fool sat next to me in the leaves and grass, patting my back as if I were an infant and singing some gentle, silly song in his old tongue. Our hearts grow brittle as we age. It was a searing, scalding kiss, a flow of memories, and once they began, I could not deny them. Lady Patience calls him Tom, after his father, Chivalry, referred to him as "the Tomcat" in letters to his uncle, Verity. However, even his relative freedom is not enough to assuage the continued loneliness of Nighteyes' absence and the Fool's increased absence from his life. Fitz then travels with Prince Dutiful to the OutIslands as a friend, protector and advisor. Despised by the Skillmaster, Galen, Fitz is never properly trained; Galen puts a Skill Suggestion upon his mind during his early "training" to kill himself, and the subsequent beating that he gave him may explain why he is often troubled by Skill-headaches and seizures. Chade was already scarred and departed when King Shrewd married Lady Desire of Farrow, and since the lady had a fear of malformed persons, he was not introduced to her or to her son after he returned. In addition, the experience left him with habitually strong defensive walls that he has a hard time lowering for fear someone will ravage his mind the way Galen did. During this time The Red-Ship War begins in earnest. Condemned for being Witted, Fitz "dies", however his consciousness leaves his body to join his wolf, Nighteyes, and his tortured body is recovered by Burrich. He then sets out on a journey with Nighteyes and surrenders his old name, believing FitzChivalry Farseer is better off dead. He rarely ventures outside the false walls and hidden chambers of Buckkeep Castle ; when he does, it is only under the alias of Lady Thyme. The discovery of his existence leads Chivalry to abdicate the throne. Building warships from Mountain Kingdom lumber, Verity decides he needs access to the ships without leaving his position. He is eventually killed by the bonded animal a ferret of an unnamed Witted one whom his soldiers had murdered, after FitzChivalry warps his mind with the Skill to make him a loyal and submissive servant of the rightful monarch. Fitz is brought into the castle proper and begins lessons in reading, writing, and swordplay, as befits his status. While he eventually returns to the lessons after recovering physically, Fitz is still fogged by what Galen did to him, thinking he has no talent. Fitz gained infamy during the events of the Farseer Trilogy, acquiring the nickname "the Witted Bastard. I had thought that light seen there would always belong only to me. I think he tried to be gentle. Due to his illegitimate birth and his lack of memory before the opening of the book, Fitz never learns his exact age.


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  1. Regal, however, never knew him: Verity travels to find the Elderlings and carves himself a dragon in an effort to save the Six Duchies.

  2. After saving the Six Duchies, he returns to the resting place of the Elderlings' dragons in the Mountains, sleeping, awaiting to be called upon when the Six Duchies needs help again. Also while in The Mountain Kingdom he finds a now much older Nosy who is bonded to Rurisk but gives his live to save Fitz after Regal tries to drown him.

  3. Galen commands him to die and makes him think he is a worthless failure that never had any skill talent. He'd been father to me in every way he could, and friend to me when I'd been tall enough to stand at his side.

  4. The coteries are loyal to him because of Galen's skill-commanded. He patches his mind to Fitz's with the Skill and has Fitz taught more martial prowess, particularly with an axe.

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