Drill movements usmc

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P To march forward taking , inch steps per minute. Introduction 1 P - Basic military position from which most other drill movements are executed. You will continue to double time in place, taking six-inch vertical alternating steps per minute swinging your arms in their natural arc across the front of your body, until given another command. This movement is executed in the same manner to the left by substituting the words left for right where appropriate. Ya gotta give the platoon a little time for the preparatory command to register. At the same time, raise the arms to the double time position. Thirty inches are measured from the rear of your left heel to the rear of your right heel. The introduction and summary to each movement will contain certain required information.

Drill movements usmc

P To march in place at quick time cadence. By custom, officers usually take a single step backward with their left foot. On Command of Hand Salute. Keep your head and body erect. Both the preparatory and command of execution must be given as the heels are together. The palm is turned towards the rear. When you are in a formation the senior man will call the formation to attention if not already at attention, and he will salute for the unit. Swing your arms to conform with the change in step, and continue to march at double time until given another command. In this case it means cease talking but continue whatever you were doing before the command. When moving a unit from one place to another, under circumstances that would render their execution in a precise manner inappropriate, commands may be given by hand and arm signals. The only command you may receive while marching backward is HALT, which is preceded by a preparatory command that is designated by the size of the unit, such as squad, platoon, or company. The command of execution is given when the last rank is six paces beyond the reviewing officer, and is given as the right foot strikes the deck as this involves a movement to the right. Assume you are halted at attention and you receive the command, REST. Swing your arms to conform with the change in step and continue to double time in place until given another command. The heels remain on line. On the command of execution MARCH, take a inch step to the front with your left foot allowing the ball of the foot to strike the deck before the heel Step. At the same time you will decrease the cadence to steps per minute, and lower your arms to the quick time position. On Command Present Arms. At the command of execution MARCH, your next step will be one more inch step to the front with your right foot Step. You will continue to march until given the next command. At the same time, raise the forearms to the horizontal position along the waistline, fingers closed, knuckles out. Thirty inches are measured from the rear of the left heel to the rear of the right heel. Preparatory commands are designated by the size of the unit. The movement I will explain and demonstrate is the position of attention. For the count of two, regrasp the sling with the right hand just below the left hand Two. I will explain and demonstrate as though armed with an MA2 rifle at sling arms. The left hand is placed just below the belt, at the small of the back and the right hand is placed inside the left.

Drill movements usmc

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  1. The legs remain straight without stiffness and the arms continue their natural swing but are not allowed to swing wide of the body. Your next step and for the second count of halt, you will smartly bring the right heel against the left heel and assume the position of attention Step.

  2. Each movement will be explained and demonstrated in detail and then demonstrated as it is executed in cadence. At the command of execution FACE and for the count of one, slightly lift the toe of the left foot and the heel of the right foot, facing 90 degrees to the left by pivoting on the left heel, assisted by a slight pressure from the right toe ONE.

  3. At the same time, all members who have executed an eyes left will smartly turn their head and eyes to the front Step.

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