Did you just call me a jive turkey

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Category for the s-themed episode of Street Smarts: Zillion in Starslip always speaks in "Deepslang", which makes him nigh incomprehensible to others. Then again, Cage uses strange expletives like that because he promised his grandmother he wouldn't swear. While T-Paul usually only plays up the jive turkey aspects of his "tough black thug" persona, Nick still blows it out of proportions when he's annoyed with T-Paul which is frequently. Justified because he learned English from MTV. Archie continues to overuse slang until his mother starts to think he's sick.

Did you just call me a jive turkey

Unless they're being played by Dick Van Dyke. There's one thing I don't understand. Instead they've gone and nosed up the backup grid, nosed it right up! Category for the s-themed episode of Street Smarts: Funky Student from Persona 4 gives the player character riddles while speaking entirely in jive. The creators of the series like to claim he learned English from hip-hop videos. Did he fall off a fir go nuts ". Cue son imagining grandpa falling off a tree And nobody comments on his bizarre speech pattern. During the final chapter of the third game, Bentley tries to use slang to give Dimitri a mission objective which is arguably more consistent and closer to actual slang than most of what Dimitri says. In the episode "A Hostage with No Compromises", The student council president must translate from street slang to military terms for Sousuke and then back again; seeing him speak street slang is hilarious, it's so unlike his cultured personality. The justification is that while they were originally a nomadic raider tribe the Boot Riders , they were hired by Mr. In The Limey , Terence Stamp's character occasionally speaks a bit of Cockney slang, forcing him to repeat himself and explain the word. Put-upon housewife Wendy Craig is taken for granted by her husband and two teenage sons - who in the 's talked, at best, in teenage slang that was only ten years out of date. Hit me with vibe! He seems to have grown out of it by the next book in the Bill Hodges trilogy, Finders Keepers , which takes place a few years later. Heifer is the slang analogue of "chick", so dad imagines his grandfather with a young girl. This is the case for most of the Vegas tribes. The player meets him via time travel. Archie thinks his jive talk is absurd and tries it on Betty to prove it, but she likes it. For the record, you'd have a lot of trouble finding anyone English who actually talks like that. Unusual for this trope, his slang is stuck in the s, Daddy-O though oddly enough his first line is "Why are these Lazurians all up in my business? Made worse, perhaps in that he's reading these phrases from a book about how to talk to teenagers. Hoppy, the whitest of white guys, would try to speak jive and get it wrong, or would deliver a line of copspeak with a gratuitous big word or two for good measure causing Fred and everyone else to give him a blank look and then turn to Smitty for a translation. Parodied in an episode of Community.

Did you just call me a jive turkey

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  1. Devin from Total Drama School speaks almost entirely in jive. Archie continues to overuse slang until his mother starts to think he's sick.

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