Demonstrate value pua

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Now you walk her through the interpretation. Well, I'm a huge hockey fan The ladder represents her aspirations for her career. You are very physically attractive, but my criteria for women that I enjoy being with extends to non-physical areas as well. You can even ask "where are you from? Submit search form The concept of Demonstrating Value You have to start seeing the interaction as a much more of a MUTUAL thing, rather than just you spitting game at her and waiting for her to swoon over. Aura readings are another useful pickup tool. Demonstrating authority over a topic allows you to talk loosely about things and shows people that you understand something completely, without giving away all the precious detail about how you come to understand it. So as this beautiful young woman fired a million questions at me, I fired a few back at her and never said too much about what I was doing.

Demonstrate value pua

You can walk around and open the set again really easily. This is what the PUAs called "calibration. Tarot cards work great. Haha omg I can't talk to you anymore Now you walk her through the interpretation. I want platforms and methods that bring me the success I have now with minimal effort so I can concentrate my larger efforts on growth goals. It is because unlike most guys you meet, I am not trying to impress you. If you have too many, not only will you choke up figuring out what to apply, but you run the risk of falling into dancing monkey syndrome: Gretzky was so much hotter than Messier and he was so much better on the ice. If not, it's in the stickies thread in General Ladder Discussion. The ladder represents her aspirations for her career. First of all, this puts you in a great state of mind. Aura readings are another useful pickup tool. How do you do this? I always bear in mind the three main values that a man should convey according to Mystery: Part of this search for new methods stems from that fact that I am an introvert by nature and not a narcissist: Are you fucking serious? This was a great example: But chances are he would talk loosely but knowledgeably about numerous topics that his business revolves around, thereby demonstrating his superior value. Where are you from? Does she keep them distant? Yeah, so I box So the next time you have something cool to tell other people about yourself, try NOT telling them but instead allow your authority on the topic to come out incidentally in a conversation. Much of the cube is in the delivery. Use the cold-reading techniques to find areas where she says yes. So what can we do that is still powerful but gives away less information about ourselves? Here are some examples:

Demonstrate value pua

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