Daddies and bears

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He moved through the growing crowd daintily, despite the heaviness of his frame. Charles' mind was flooded with flattering adjectives that nonetheless didn't do the man justice: Create your free profile today and join us! He gulped, a small whimper escaping him as Erik dipped his head and captured his mouth in a searing kiss. Sean clapped his hands on his cheeks and trilled, "Of course, we've got the Queen of England in the house tonight. Charles twisted against Erik, the flashing lights and stifling beat increasing his lust until he was clawing at the other man. He blinked when Azazel kindly snapped his mouth shut for him, his grin curving against the side of Charles' face.

Daddies and bears

His eyes were brown behind horn-rimmed glasses and his hairstyle was stuck in the sixties. Rolling his eyes, Darwin sighed. Ah, a hot mess. His was hard and aching in the confines of his pants, but that pleasure could wait. Maybe Charles hadn't single-handedly ruined his somewhat slim chance at a sex life. Charles' brow knit as he tried to pin down the faint accent, melding together in a mix of too many to guess properly. Off to the left was a short dark alley that stretched along in a tunnel of rainbow reflectors flickering from inside the walls. The fifth bar was in the Game Room, where Hank was currently ordering a pair of Black Opals from Alex, the notorious new bartender that had broken up a bar fright between two massive Doms after one had made a pass at the other's Sub. Hank was slightly terrified as well as in awe of the man, but his drinks were the least deadly. Those two have been circling each other like two dumb, horny bucks. He'd just never seen it when he was there. Gingery hair lay neatly across his brow, swept up in a classic gentlemanly style that came straight from the sixties. Charles hid his grin in his glass while Azazel shot another knowing glance at Logan. Exhaling in relief — not that the man hadn't been rather ridiculously attractive in a primitive sort of way — Charles gladly accepted his drink. Hank waved at Charles before he and Alex disappeared down the stairway that led to the alley outside, showered in sparkling rainbow lights. His mouth clicked shut when Charles nudged it with the rim of his glass. Even Moira was present, her tongue down the throat of a pretty girl with too much makeup, her hand up the girl's skirt. Left on the leather couch in a muffled sort of bliss, Charles thought to himself that perhaps the A. Darwin replaced Logan's empty glass with another pint, pausing only a moment as he caught sight of someone who had just entered the bar. Staring cross-eyed, he watched the wet pink of his tongue lap at the ice cubes —which he just now noticed were shaped like tiny penises. Our mission is to celebrate older gay men and to create a healthy, fun alternative to meat-market websites. Most dangerous animal in the gay kingdom. Refocusing on Darwin, Charles tried not to bat his eyelashes. Charles had gone through the oppressive yet confusingly erotic ritual of a private boy's school in London, where the underclassmen were nothing more than slaves to the uppers. They both staggered down, making it to the dance floor entirely by chance, their lips clashing together wildly as the deep bass rocked under their feet. The bar itself is modeled after a popular gay bar in Seattle.

Daddies and bears

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  1. Charles closed his eyes, rubbing himself as he let Erik fuck his mouth, clawing his fingers down the other man's stomach as large hands sunk into his hair and gently cradled his head.

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