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Enjoy the view over the city in the evening from Nguyen Trai Bridge. A 24 hour rental of an automatic motorbike will cost around Beware Vietnamese people enjoy extremely loud music and do not mind distorting speakers. Make sure that the boat has a shade, so you do not sit in the sun for too long. If you want to travel on the river, you can rent a private boat at Ninh Kieu pier.


This trip provides a general view of countryside life style and packed full of fun with a lot to see, do, experience and totally worth to see. Xuan Khanh Market at the beginning of the street is a daily stop for many citizens who get their food and other supplies here. Often they can pick you up at your hotel and the tour included some snacks. You may have a short stop in Ho Chi Minh City. You might be slightly faster by motorbike than by car depending on your way of driving. It is quite easy to rent a motorbike in the tourist area in Ho Chi Minh City district 1. Makes for a very nice photo during sunset. Countryside Tour You want to escape from a busy city, get out off the noise and enjoy natural air. The Sunday service starts at 6: By boat[ edit ] Apart from overnight boat cruises for tourists, there are not anymore regular boat transportation services to Can Tho. Different varieties of mangos from sour to very sweet grow in the Mekong Delta and pineapples are available most of the year. The way they do it here is, they cut first and wash your head afterwards. See huge crowds of traditionally dressed Buddhists flocking to the temples at weekly Buddhist services. The tour is totally designed for you. Make sure the boat you book is a small boat that can take you through the small canals that the larger tour boats cannot navigate. Understand[ edit ] Can Tho is a large city. Try hiring a Vinasun Taxi or Mailinh taxi. Beautiful Views[ edit ] There are many bridges with beautiful views. This area is one of the main areas and attractions of Can Tho. The arroyos back to Can Tho are also very much worth a ride on a small boat. The bicycles available in Cantho are useful to get around, but beware that those bicycles are produced for the local population, who are on average smaller and lighter than Western tourists. Apart from the tasty food, the feature of the tour is that you get many tips from the local guide for your travels around Vietnam - learn how locals deal with motorbike drivers and taxis, shopkeepers and travel agencies. Many students from the nearby Can Tho University live in Xuan Khanh or do their daily shopping in one of the local shops. There are bus operators from all big cities and minibuses from smaller ones. And, the canal system around Can Tho is a fascinating travel network, much more relaxing than the bustling roads. There are fewer people during the afternoon, when it is rather hot, but it gets very lively often in the evenings.


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  1. While there are a couple of museums, they only open on special days and even expats living in the city may have never visited them or even heard of them. The ride takes 4 hours.

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