Cheech marin banzai

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Despite the common belief in the Pride Lands that hyenas are stupid, Shenzi's sense of humour hides a ruthless sense of cunning. Timon and Pumbaa later get revenge on the hyenas by using the tractor beam of their UFO to continuously pick up and slam the hyenas back into the ground. When Shenzi comments that the hyenas would be running the show if the lions weren't around, he nods in agreement, listening to the conversation, and when Scar betrays the hyenas at the end, he understands that they have been betrayed just as well as Shenzi and Banzai, and is just as angry as they are. He also unwittingly instigates Pumbaa's attack on them during the final battle, as when he notices Pumbaa behind them, he briefly asks Timon, his prey, who the "pig" was in reference to him, with the insult increasing Pumbaa's fury enough that he promptly charged that them and presumably managed to beat him and Shenzi severely enough to force them to retreat. Otherwise, Banzai appears to be Shenzi's intellectual equal. Immediately after Scar tells Simba to run away and never return, he commands the hyenas to kill Simba too, but Simba falls into thorny bushes where the hyenas can't follow him.

Cheech marin banzai

When they were attacked by Mufasa and Shenzi and Banzai denied knowing that Simba was his son, Ed confirmed it with a rapid nod; during a scuffle with Banzai, he chews on his own leg obliviously; also, when Pumbaa saved Timon and Zazu from being ganged up upon by Shenzi and Banzai in the final battle, he had no idea what to do and ended up cowering with the rest of the hyenas after Pumbaa beat them up. It can also mean "Suicide" or "ten thousand years" in Japanese, possibly a reference to his aggressive nature but more likely coincidental. Timon and Pumbaa later get revenge on the hyenas by using the tractor beam of their UFO to continuously pick up and slam the hyenas back into the ground. Seeing no hope in removing the egg themselves, the hyenas target its mother, attempting to crush her beneath a giant rock, though they end up being crushed themselves. The hyenas are later seen meeting up secretly with Taka, who warns them that his father is searching for them. His most distinguishing feature is his unusually heavy eyebrows. He learned that he and his two comrades couldn't defeat Mufasa on their own, let alone kill him, which he explained to Scar after the failed attempt on Simba and Nala 's lives; this would eventually lead to the entire Clan overwhelming Simba and, at the battle's end, Scar. Banzai is the most physically aggressive of the trio. He is given two additional songs to sing, " Chow Down " and " The Madness of King Scar ," and gains a slightly more fleshed out backstory, as Shenzi reveals that his father was killed and eaten by Sarafina, the mother of Nala. To the frustration of the cheetahs, the hyenas run into each other along the way and realize that they've been tricked. Banzai in particular grumbles about how he could eat a whole circus monkey if he were offered one. He even quietly remarks to his friends that Mufasa was a better king than Scar, showing his audacity. Ignoring the idle chatter of their soon-to-be meals, the hyenas close in on the duo, prompting Timon and Pumbaa to make a hasty getaway. They corner Simba foiled only by Mufasa 's unexpected rescue , successfully drive the stampede into the gorge, and would have captured Simba had he not escaped through the thorn bushes through which they were too large to pass. Her distinguishing features are five prominent bangs hanging over her face and a mane that reaches all the way to her bangs. Back in the Serengeti, the cheetahs stuff themselves with meat and end up too full to outrun the hyenas, but before the trio can eat them, a wild goose arrives, asking which way is south. They treat him as an equal, despite the fact that he responds only by laughing, and his laughter to meaningful language. Banzai seems to be the only one who can translate Ed's laughter to have meaning, suggesting they have known each other for a long time. Scar has an extremely low opinion of them, considering them to be stupid and incompetent - but without them, he would never have risen to become king of the Pride Lands. When Taka slides out his claws pointedly, glaring at them, they're quick to eat their own words. While in pursuit, Shenzi catches up with Nala and is about to savage her when she is struck by Simba, which results in three visible blood-like scratches on her cheek. Upon seeing his friend, Pumbaa asks if the hyenas had invited him over for dinner as well. His plan goes badly and his eye is wounded by the buffalo herd in the process, hence the nickname "Scar". After the meerkats are safely hidden in their nests, the hyenas walk away, guffawing. He repeatedly shows lucidity, being the first to notice Simba, Nala, and Zazu escaping while his two peers are busy cracking jokes about lions. His name means "skulk" or "lurk" in Swahili. Before leaving, he promises to repay them for their services.

Cheech marin banzai

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  1. For the host Martin Pardon , Banzai performs a singing act, but he is turned down abruptly, as are his companions. They then push Timon to the ground and dash in among his colony , attacking the scattered meerkats.

  2. Though they fail to devour any of the colony, Banzai nearly catches Uncle Max , who escapes down a hole just in time.

  3. He even quietly remarks to his friends that Mufasa was a better king than Scar, showing his audacity.

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