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History of suv cars

The car is a motor vehicle, which is used to transport people or cargo. The car was born in the late nineteenth century. In 1870 the Austrian Siegfried Marus built a prototype car with a gasoline engine. In 1885, Carl Without built a three-wheeled vehicle. The car consists of parts such as body, chassis, engine, electrical installation, elements affecting safety (seatbelts, airbag, ABS, ASR, ESP). The car is powered by the engine. Most often it is the internal combustion engine piston. There are also cars with an electric motor and hybrid (a combination of internal combustion engine and electric). The engine is driven by fuel. This may be a liquid fuel, gas fuel LPG or CNG fuel gas.

How to buy a cheap SUV

If we want to buy a reliable car and don’t want to spend too much, we usually go for a city car. It’s small and affordable. And what if we have a large family and don’t want to spend too much? Go find yourself an SUV. Most people tend to think there’s no place to go if you want to buy a cheap SUV. Yes, the bargain vehicles fall short on features, power. Yet we still can find the good combination of low price and good performance.