Breakaway wedding rings

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And if you're an early bird, its even that much better! It's so comfortable, you'll forget it's even on. They're the only rings engineered with Anti Ring Avulsion Technology which protects your finger from ring avulsion, degloving and amputation. Nobody wakes up in the morning thinking, today will be the day that my indestructible tungsten carbide ring will be the reason my finger gets ripped off my hand. Biking "Fortunately for me I didn't have my finger torn off. And like you, we were tired of adapting our lifestyles around our rings.

Breakaway wedding rings

Check out the rewards to save some money. It's the safest, most functional wedding ring on the planet! Or how many times per day do you have to take your ring off? We hope you love the new rings we're creating and giving our backers through all of the rewards. Or if you want to sport your Enso pride, you can choose to receive an official Enso Rings temporary tattoo so you can show your love for the cause! Jimmy Fallon and Ring Avulsion? But even though we have an amazing product and we're driven to help save fingers around world, we need help funding this dream. Your spouse needs an Enso Ring! Enso Rings Created Exclusively For This Kickstarter Here are the rings you'll receive when you pick a pledge and help support our kickstarter! OrthoBullets - many of which lead to amputation. In the spirit of sharing the love, we're going to be working hard to earn every backers' contribution. In his video explanation, when he was in the ICU for 10 days, he was trying to come up with a ring solution that could save people's fingers but was unsuccessful What's great about making Enso Rings affordable, is unlike a traditional ring, you can get several colors for traveling, for fashion, or for different events. Affordable We didn't set out to create an affordable option to the wedding ring, this is just a nice benefit to the style we selected for all the benefits it renders. But really, the most motivating influence for us has been safety. After years of prototypes and testing, we now have a strong vision of what our purpose is. We continue to hear stories of ring avulsion, degloving, wife's wanting their husbands to wear their rings to work and to the gym I wish I not only discovered Enso Rings sooner, but probably more importantly just realize the risk of wearing rings that won't break or come off when I need it to most. If we do, we will be bringing most of the manufacturing in house which will bring new challenges. Marriage We know you love your spouse or you wouldn't be reading this, so now is the time to do something about it. We have all the right pieces in place for manufacturing these rings and building a business that's here to stay! And as a fun side note, we've supported many Kickstarter campaigns and love what the Kickstarter community has done for entrepreneurs like ourselves and thought this was the perfect community to help us launch this awesome new ring. Whether they're working out at the gym, their job doesn't allow them to wear a ring, or any other scenario you can think of Men's and Women's sizes and colors available. You might have heard that Jimmy Fallon recently suffered a terrible injury in which his finger was almost torn off of his hand! If the ring gets caught on something and all of your weight is coming down, it will actually tear away instead of tearing your finger off!

Breakaway wedding rings

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  1. There will undoubtedly be some surprises along the way, but any obstacle will be addressed by combining our internal knowledge with external expertise, and an overall goal of making the best possible product for you.

  2. Thanks again for all your support. The Kickstarter funding is critical to help us get to the next stage of producing amazing rings and hopefully, it will allow us to launch the next phase of this business by getting an office and manufacturing in-house.

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