Bethlehem music fest lineup

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It is amazing that it is free, aside from the big headliners at one of the stages. If My review hit a sour note, Latinos will not be ignored. I don't usually go over there unless I have a purpose. It's also where you will find the paid concerts. Grab a mug and get your money's worth with refills at the beer tents. And I will eat you. I really cant explain how impressed I am with how large and awesome this event is.

Bethlehem music fest lineup

Not only are there beer tents LQ and wine too everywhere, but the restaurant's with a larger selection will also fill up your beer mugs. Not if you choose to do the free parking with shuttle. They offer parking and really nice busses to get you to and from the event which makes for an excellent time without the hassle of dealing with traffic or looking for parking. Photo is by Ted Colegrove. A shuttle runs between North and South and is pretty cheap. A Tuesday night and it was packed with people everywhere. Lines get longer for food and beverage as the day turns to night. It also has a nice dance floor of you are looking to tear up the dance floor. Most venues are under tents with plastic seats and some tables. Plan your time, as there is no way to see everything you'd like with music happening at each venue all day and evening long- with the exception of set changes and sound checks as one performer wraps up and another rolls in. Is the parking tough? Needs a better beer selection and more German food Everyone is very friendly and well informed on the venue. I personally would like a smaller option, like the ones they first had when muskiest began, that may or may not be an insulated but has a lid. Free music was wasn't worth the price. Stay on top of all the latest festival news and announcements by following Musikfest at facebook. We have come at least once year for the past 6 or 7 years after taking a hiatus for at least a dozen years. It's an incredibly user and family friendly set-up that is just impressive for a free event. I feel bad for the vendors as this destroys their margins. What a great place to hang out and hear great music. If you leave without eating Aw Shucks Corn you are not a human. So many free music acts and street performers to enjoy. This platz usually has polka or a good rocking band. Beer available from everywhere, with custom mugs every year!! If the 'Bell Guy' is there you are in for a treat! The silent disco was something new and enjoyable. Lots of teenagers, shady corners to beware of, high prices for some food and drinks, and usually a large press of crowds.

Bethlehem music fest lineup

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  1. A shuttle runs between North and South and is pretty cheap. Usually a lot more crowded, but definitely a good time.

  2. I really cant explain how impressed I am with how large and awesome this event is. The below Dropbox link contains images of Musikfest performers, as well as images from previous Musikfests.

  3. Went to Musikfest for the first time in years and simply won't go again. This event is Amazing!

  4. I'm biased because I spent the better part of my college days counting down to this festival and I just love it! Come and spend a day listening to some music!

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