Azad kashmir rishta

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Stay safe[ edit ] The past decade of turmoil has left traces in the Valley. The last of the Mughal gardens further up from Shalimar. They relax in the cold crisp evenings with a cup of warm kahwa Although work on the garden started in , nevertheless, with each season it is expanding rapidly and is fast becoming a major tourist attraction in Spring. Kotli is the largest district of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in terms of population. On the way from Jammu to valley do not forget to relish the famous rajmah chawal in Peerah and Pattisa sweet made in ghee in Kudd. The railways are frequently temporarily shut down in case of protests or disruption, as railway equipment has been damaged in the past. It lies 80 kilometers south of Srinagar- When you reach Khanabal Chowk from Srinagar on the National Highway the road straight ahead goes to Kokernag whereas if you just follow your lane, you're off to Pahalgam. This is a very old and reputable family-owned restaurant popular with locals and tourists alike.

Azad kashmir rishta

It also has some interesting vegetarian options like dum-aloo and 'chaman' cooked cheese. Adventure sports in the form of water rafting and paragliding, among others, are available at various tourist locations. This garden was developed by the famous Mughal emperor Jehangeer and was arguably his favourite. The mountains look tall and haughty and the vista whichever way looked at consists of meadows, imposing mountains and streams. Kotli has ties with many European cities such as Amsterdam, Hamburg and especially the larger industrial cities of northern and central England. It is located near Sonwar near Burn Hall School and has a cult following of tourists especially those who come from the Indian plains. The travel time by road is about 20 hours from New Delhi. The targets included a tourist bus and the Tourist Reception Centre. Kotli is the largest district of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in terms of population. By plane[ edit ] Almost all the domestic airlines in India fly from Delhi to Srinagar. Talk[ edit ] The official state language is Urdu , though the most commonly spoken language in the Vale of Kashmir is Kashmiri or Kashur. See[ edit ][ add listing ] Tulip Garden Spring is the time when Kashmir bursts into a riot of colors and millions of flowers carpet the landscape. It is formed by the melting ice caps high-up in the nearby Himalayas. A very small restaurant located meters from Hotel Jehangeer, just after crossing Budshah Bridge if you are coming from Hotel Jehangeer towards Lal Chowk. Legend has it that in olden days an old sage was sleeping at the precise spot and when local women, having failed in their search for drinking water reached the place where the sage was taking a nap they checked his bucket hoping to find water - instead a snake came out and transformed into a cockerel and began digging the earth and each time the cockerel burrowed his way, water gushed out from earth much to the relief of the village damsels! The intricacies of hand made Kashmiri carpets are well known. Predominantly non-vegetarian, "Wazwaan" as it is called is the royal cuisine of Kashmir. Shahtoos or Ringshawl as it was known was exclusively made by hand in Kashmir and was worn by celebrities and high profile dignitaries. Don't even think about: The sheer magnitude of people collecting in Pahalgam during the summers has created a huge burden on it's fragile ecosystem which is a huge concern. Then there's "Frislin" in Pahalgam and Yousmarg to name a few. There is a stream almost as big as a river that flows at the far end of the garden. There is a small hole golf course in Gulmarg. This section does not cite any sources. Angling in the many fresh water streams is an attraction in spring as well or if you missed out on Skiing in winter, you could go skiing in Gulmarg which offers excellent opportunities till late March. The Royal Springs' Golf course in the heart of Srinagar on the shores of the world famous Dal Lake is one of the most beautiful golf courses around.

Azad kashmir rishta

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