Applebees brampton

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For 20 bucks, a meal should at least fill me up. Let me tell you Food came out pretty quick. And for this special there are other choices. They seemed a bit understaffed as our server was also the bartender and she was running back and forth from the bar to various tables.

Applebees brampton

The burger came out and there was a tad too much A1 Steaksauce on it, and I thought the onions were a tad overcooked, it was still decent, but far from great. This time I ordered the peppercorn burger combo. Overall, a very pricey bill for a mediocre experience. Menu was very pricey compared to its competitors. For 20 bucks, a meal should at least fill me up. You pick 2 entrees and one appetizer. Went here on a whim because neither of us had tried it ever. Even with these busy days everything seems to get handled very well. Anyway, she seemed 'disappointed' that we didn't want anything besides our entrees. Brampton, ON L6W 4S1 Applebee's is one of those restaurants where you hear the name often but don't really pay much attention to. We were dissatisfied with the service as it appeared a bit pushy and inattentive. They have an excellent priced new menu. Applebee's is really not my first choice for food but it was late and it was on the way home so we stopped by to pick up some food to go. We just went to the bar and sat ourselves. Food also came quickly but seemed overpriced for what you get. Restaurant isn't brightly lit either, feels like I'm in a pub more than a restaurant. Nothing really wowed me on the menu so I opted for soup, salad and garlic toast trio. It was ok, the shrimp was tossed in a sauce that was a bit to sweet for me but the green beans were seasoned well and not overcooked. I guess they forgot to charge me, or they give free soft drinks if you spend x amount of dollars. The staff is great, the food is good and consistant and I can count on one hand the number of times I have been longer than my alotted lunch time due to longer waits to be seated or served and those times were quite obviuos that they were salmmed with tournament groups for one event or another. And we got the Spinach Dip appetizer with Nachos. Food came out pretty quick. I thought the pasta could benefit from some tomato or Alfredo sauce. Let me tell you Pretty good menu, great service and good decor I opted for a healthy grilled chicken and shrimps entree and quite enjoyed it although the portion was a bit minimal.

Applebees brampton

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  1. But it seems that chicken meal has disappeared from the menu, their mucho mudslide tastes more like ice than a milkshake, and their appetizers are all disappointing. I just can't justify spending that much money on a meal that is just 'okay'.

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