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Often both partners will have to compromise in some way, but if both partners are committed and loving, they may find a way to make it work. And how does that work out? Romantically attracted to no one. Sometimes it just works. You know, the usual.


Like when the asexual partner talks about the sexual activities of night before with all the passion and fire of an economics textbook. I just like the way they look and they stand out to me for some reason. It works out like any other relationship. A person will only see the partner as sexually interesting, but not want to become romantically involved. Aesthetic attraction, aside from being remarkably troublesome to spell, is being attracted to the way someone looks. No, I mean, how does a rela- Wait… Have kids? Love and sex are different things. And how does that work out? Sexual attraction is just one. Are asexuals only romantically attracted to other asexuals? Wait, so… Some asexuals get married? But those people are still attracted to each other. For most people, romantic attraction and sexual attraction are directed toward the same person. Sometimes it just works. You know, the usual. Asexuality only means that a person does not experience sexual attraction. It will probably end in a pit of misery and resentment. How can you have a relationship without attraction? If the non-asexual partner has a low sex drive or the asexual partner is willing to have sex as often as the other partner wants, then it may be a non-issue. For instance, a heteroromantic man would be interested in a romantic relationship with women. What do they do on the honeymoon? A one-night stand, a friends-with-benefits situation, even some extramarital affairs are often examples of this arrangement. Appreciation of beauty and sex are different things. I had a girlfriend once, but it never felt quite right. But how can you fall in love with someone and not want to have sex with them? Likewise, a homoromantic woman would be interested in having a relationship with other women.


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  1. There are many non-asexual couples where the sexual flame has long been extinguished, but who are still inseparable.

  2. Likewise, a homoromantic woman would be interested in having a relationship with other women. So yeah, still totally confused there… Moving on.

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