Advantages of arranged marriage

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This, in turn, can lead to unhappiness and misery and may even pave the way to anxiety and depression. He feels himself in a state of imperfection. Arranged Marriages by kalyani10 Arranged marriages for all their disavowal of individualistic notions like love and personal freedom continue to be practiced among large sections of population in the world. Likewise, marrying below oneself may result in excessive financial strain on the couple and again lead to conflict. As a dress decorates man, spouses too are the decoration of each other. Here are some reasons why arranged marriages continue to hold sway and even seem relevant in these times. Martyr Mutahhari ra says in this regard: Arranged marriages can eliminate this frustration along with the headaches and heartaches that come with it.

Advantages of arranged marriage

If this happens, they have two major options to choose from: Arranged marriages can promote harmony within the family, but they can also lead to discord. On this account, he uses the sum total of his senses, initiatives and abilities. Couples start with minimum expectations Proponents of arranged marriages often claim that societies that largely follow this system have vastly lower rates of divorces as compared to societies where marriages based on love are the norm. Arranged Marriages by kalyani10 Arranged marriages for all their disavowal of individualistic notions like love and personal freedom continue to be practiced among large sections of population in the world. The popularity of matrimonial websites in fact is evidence of the remarkable way in which an essentially traditional and conservative system like arranged marriage has adopted modern technology to maintain its continuity and relevance. But after getting married, their character, morale, and attitude changed and they became sober and dignified. The Medal of Honour Ali a. A pertinent example is the role played by the traditional village matchmaker who would bring marriage proposals to prospective families in the past. Today, owing to greater social mobility and breakdown of clan network, matrimonial agencies have taken over the job of finding suitable matches. The spouse too saves one from worries, futility, homelessness, aimlessness, and solitude. List of Disadvantages of Arranged Marriages 1. Matrimonial columns in newspapers, online matrimonial sites and regular matchmaking agencies are some of the popular ways through which parents search for potential brides and grooms. The great ambassador of Allah S has put it in this way: A comfortable degree of familiarity One of the most important aspects of an arranged marriage is conducting a background check on the prospective partner. Instead, apart from soothing and comforting the sexual instinct, it has many other aspects and dimensions of excellence, worth and importance, like raising a family. Nothing can substitute marriage and the raising of a family. The advantage of this system is that it leaves little room for lies and fraud in a marital alliance. This is the law of creation and it commands the whole universe. Martyr Mutahhari ra says in this regard: They remove the stress that comes from dating. Financial balance Arranged marriages are usually brought about between families which more or less belong to the same financial background. It is evident from these words of the Prophet S that while a person does not marry, his faith lies in danger. Cultural similarity The primary advantage that the system of arranged marriage enjoys is a degree of cultural similarity between the two partner and their families. They have no or limited access to financial, legal and social resources which could have motivated them to leave unhappy marriages.

Advantages of arranged marriage

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  1. Arranged marriages can promote harmony within the family, but they can also lead to discord.

  2. Man may upgrade his knowledge, faith and qualities, but he shall never reach the desired perfection while he does not have a spouse. Even though the low divorce rates may be definitively linked to the many legal hassles in obtaining a divorce, still arranged marriages seem to score on the fact that couples begin a new life with minimum expectations of each other.

  3. All this makes it easier for a couple to make a new life together. It does not even come into existence through love and attachment with pious ones.

  4. Marriage has this much worth and value that the Prophet of Allah S decorated the chests of those who married with medals of honor. Commitment to a wife and family brings magnanimity, splendour and a sense of social responsibility, and makes many of his capabilities and sleeping talents bloom and bear fruit.

  5. When they are placed beside each other, they complete each other. Man cannot live honourably and eminently in society without dress.

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