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Nest trees are often dead and nest heights average 4 to 6 metres above ground. The young owls are cared for by the parents for some weeks after they leave the nest. Asteria Laradine, a child facing fresh parental abandonment, who was left with nothing and forced to grow up much too young just as Cade was. Lady luck did not overlook him completely, however. The relatively short tail normally has three rows of white spots on both webs of the rectrices. Northern Saw-whet Owls are strictly Nocturnal, with activity beginning at late dusk. Riparian habitat is often preferred.


While in custody they were given an ultimatum-- whereby they could have the charges against them cleared if they chose to instead use their skills to serve the Royal Crownsguard. Pellets are very small and dark grey, about 1. Breeding habitat is usually swampy or wet, rather than dry. Eggs average 30x25 mm. The bill and cere are blackish. Their encounter made him realize that the fear and loneliness in Asteria's eyes mirrored his own, and Acadius reached out his hand to her. Two major migration corridors in eastern North America are along the Atlantic coastline and down the Ohio River valley. Frogs and insects are also part of their diet. Because of their nomadic nature it is unlikely that pair bonds are permanent or that birds often return to the same nest site. The rest of the head is warm rusty-brown or grey-brown, and densely covered with white shaft-streaks, especially on the forehead. Their "talents" had them frequently on the run from Lucian authorities. After a female has been attracted to a male by his song, he will fly in circles above her while calling, or he will take her directly to the nest site he has located again, while calling. Nest trees are often dead and nest heights average 4 to 6 metres above ground. Lady luck did not overlook him completely, however. Left to fend for himself on the crowded and merciless streets of Lestallum, he was forced to quickly learn to adapt. The mantle and the rest of the upperparts are rusty brown with white spots. You and I are both left with nothing. Systema Naturae, 1, Pt. The disc does not have a dark rim but does have a narrow edge of light and dark spots. Clutch sizes range from 3 to 7 eggs average laid at periods of 1 to 3 days, but usually 2. Sexual maturity is reached at months old. With no other option he turned to thievery, using his sticky fingers to provide for himself-- a talent he retains and has perfected even in adulthood. When threatened, a Saw-whet Owl will elongate its body in order to appear like a tree branch or bump, often bringing one wing around to the front of the body. Acadius was orphaned at a very young age; even his earliest of memories reveal no trace of him ever belonging to a family. Nesting occurs between March and July. Flight is rapid, laboured, and undulating. Northern Saw-whet Owls nest in old woodpecker cavities, primarily those made by Pileated Woodpeckers or Northern Flickers or in natural cavities.


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  1. Juveniles are more likely to migrate than adults and tend to move further south. Breeding habitat is usually swampy or wet, rather than dry.

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